Muslim Competitors Demand Special Prayer Room At Olympics, Director Has Better Suggestion

During the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, Muslim competitors immediately demanded a special prayer room in accordance with their faith. Unfortunately for them, the director came up with an even better idea.

Muslim Competitors Demand Special Prayer Room At Olympics, Director Has Better Suggestion
After demanding special prayer rooms at the 2018 Winter Olympics, Muslim athletes were incensed at officials’ decision and subsequent suggestion. (Photo Credit: -/AFP/GettyImages, Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

When Muslims are a tiny minority, they protest for minority rights. Once they become a large minority, they demand special treatment and accommodation. As soon as they reach the majority, they eradicate all minority rights in accordance with Sharia law. The same cycle has played out in over 50 Muslim-majority countries to date, and it continues to threaten every nation that Muslim migration touches.

Although they claim that “there is no compulsion in religion,” Muslims demand that their ideology’s endless requirements be appeased by their non-Muslim hosts. Eventually, every aspect of Islam must be placated, including halal foods, extensive holidays, multiple daily prayer breaks, and even special prayer facilities, despite the fact that Islam permits Muslims to pray virtually anywhere. Their cries for religious accommodation are merely a ploy to subdue the non-Muslim majority.

When arriving in Pyeongchang for the 2018 Winter Olympics, Muslims from all over the globe once again demonstrated their trademark coercion, demanding that the facilitators fork over the money to build a brand new “multi-faith” center, which, of course, would only be used by Muslims since no other major faith demands designated spaces for worship. Unfortunately for them, the Muslim attendees quickly realized that their political scheme had already worn out its welcome before they even arrived.

According to Yahoo! Sports, South Korea officials were inundated with more than 56,000 signatures opposing using taxpayer money to offer special treatment to Muslims, prompting director Seo Ji-hyun, head of Pyeongchang Olympics Gangwon Citizens’ Islam Countermeasure Association, to refuse the Islamic demand and instead suggest that Muslim athletes either pray in their own rooms or wait until they go back to their home countries.

“The government has already spent too much of the taxpayers’ money on the Games, and we shouldn’t spend more building a prayer room,” Seo Ji-hyun, the director of operations at the Islam Countermeasure Association, told Al Jazeera. He also suggested that Muslims should refrain from prayer at the Olympic Games as they supposedly would while flying or driving.

Seo added that Muslims should be respectful of the culture and people in the country they are visiting, which would mean praying when and where they are able without imposing their beliefs and religious stipulations on those unaffiliated with their ideology.

He also explained that Muslims should not make spectacles of themselves while in South Korea by attempting to flaunt prayers in the Olympic facilities, but, rather, that they should keep their prayers between themselves and Allah, according to Korea Exposé.

“If the room was for people of all religions, why would they have an ablution area?” the organisation’s secretary Seo said. “From what I heard from Egyptians, there are exceptional cases when Muslims don’t pray, for example when they are on a plane or driving. So the same should be applied during the Games.”

Seo went on to denounce the entire Muslim faith, saying “The nature of Islam is to take over the world. We must ban it from the start.”

The denial of special prayer facilities came after nearly 60,000 individuals decried giving the Muslim minority special religious privilege that isn’t even a requirement of their ideology. In January, the Olympics association began circulating a “Petition against the Installation of a Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Muslim Prayer Room,” which immediately garnered an outpouring of support. According to Korea Tourism Organization’s (KTO) Kim Yeong-ju, the government’s initial plan to appease the demanding Muslims was then quickly scrapped.

But the plan had been dropped because of “strong complaints from local people… primarily for religious reasons,” Kim said. The backlash was so severe, he added, that local officials “could no longer do their jobs.”

In response to their ultimatum going unfulfilled, Muslims revealed the true nature of their “non-compulsive” religion. Like clockwork, the Muslim minority broke out into protests, demanding that they are given taxpayer-funded rooms in which to pray. Of course, their alleged requirement proved to be a political scheme to establish their religious dominance, as even Islamic attendees admitted that they can just pray “back at our hotel.”

“While it would have been great to have a praying facility at the Games, the bigger worry for us is how this can set a precedent going forward,” one Muslim spectator, who asked not to be named, told Al Jazeera.

“We can offer our prayers in some corner or back at our hotel; I just hope the opposition realises what little it will achieve by not having a prayer room put up,” the visitor said.

Nowhere in the Quran or hadith does Islam require Muslims to pray in special rooms. However, both the Quran and hadith repeatedly command Muslims to persecute, rape, enslave, and slaughter unbelievers “until there is no disbelief and the religion, all of it, is for Allah.” Indeed, Muslims pretending that they need special treatment to fulfill their religion’s countless compulsions is merely a tactic to “make the unbelievers feel subdued,” as the Quran orders.

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