Muslim Preacher Invites 3-Year-Old To Islam Ritual, Mom Finds What’s ‘Left’

Muslim Preacher Invites 3-Year-Old To Islam Ritual, Mom Finds What's 'Left'
After a 3-year-old boy went missing, his horrified mother discovered what Muslim cleric Kazeem Alimson (right) had done with him. (Photo source: Pinterest, PM News)

When a Muslim cleric spotted a 3-year-old boy playing outside while his mother was tending to her two other children, he quietly lured the toddler away and forced him to participate in an Islamic ritual. Minutes later, the panicked mother went searching for her child only to stumble upon the nightmarish scene of what was left of her precious boy.

Islam has many facets, none of which are peaceful or pleasant when practiced the way the prophet Muhammad modeled. Over 270 million deaths and 1,400 years later, Islam is still carrying out the most heinous crimes in the name of Allah. While apologists deny that these offenses are connected to Islam, there always seem to be religious scriptures that command and reward even the most sadistic violence.

As the Muslim population surpasses 40 percent, Nigeria’s non-Muslims fear for their lives under oppressive religious persecution. Unfortunately, even the most innocent of civilians are in danger of barbaric Islamic practices.

In Lagos, Nigeria’s largest tourist destination, Chinasa Okereke grew worried when she couldn’t find her 3-year-old son, Chiagozie (also spelled Chigozie by some sources) Okereke. While bathing her children on Tuesday evening, Chinasa turned her back on her toddler for a few minutes to tend to his siblings. When she returned, he was nowhere to be found, according to The Guardian.

“Around 7:00 p.m. yesterday (Tuesday), I brought my children out to bathe him,” Chinasa said. “When I finished bathing the younger one, I went inside to get the wrapper to strap him in order to enable me to bathe the other child. But on getting outside, I didn’t see my baby again. The sister said he went into my neighbor’s house but I didn’t see him there and when I asked, they said he went out with Simon. I called my son’s name but there was no response.”

Simon Kanu, Chinasa’s 15-year-old neighbor, had reportedly lured the boy away at the command of Kazeem Alimson, a local Muslim cleric popularly known as Alfa. After bringing the toddler to him for a payment of less than $2, Simon watched as Kazeem heaved a heavy boulder up and stoned the 3-year-old boy until his tiny body was smashed into a bloody pulp.

“I went to site and I saw how he killed Chigozie,” Simon told police. “He tied him up and was making incantation before hitting him with a stone three times. He said he would kill me if I told anybody. He also showed me his juju knife and that he would use it to kill me if I told anyone.”

Muslim Preacher Invites 3-Year-Old To Islam Ritual, Mom Finds What's 'Left'
Kazeem is forced to hold the stone he used to murder the 3-year-old. (Photo source: PM News)

The cleric vehemently denied murdering the boy, blaming Simon for carrying out the grisly act. However, Simon broke down and gave police every gruesome detail while subsequently admitting to his own involvement in the Islamic ritual. Just as Kazeem was proclaiming his innocence, Simon interrupted the interrogation with his confession, telling officials that Kazeem took Chiagozie into an abandoned building and bludgeoned him with the large rock, according to Nigeria’s Daily Post.

At this point, the teenager cut in and said, “You are lying. He was giving me sign with his eyes not to talk. I saw you when you were using the stone to hit him until he died.”

Understandably, the community was outraged over the child’s death, forcing police to rush away with Kazeem before an angry mob could lynch him.

While Kazeem may have ritualistic reasons for killing the boy, this and many other types of brutality are commanded in the Quran and were modeled by Muhammad. In fact, the religious texts repeatedly order Muslims to stone those accused of unlawful sex.

Of course, Muhammad wasn’t opposed to killing children. The murderous prophet ordered the executions of Fartana and Quraybah, 2 slave girls who mocked him through poetry.

Even more infamous was the Islamic prophet’s mass slaughter of children during the conquest of the Banu Qurayza tribe. The peaceful Jewish clan welcomed Muhammad and his men only to be met with a bloody ambush from which they never even had the opportunity to defend their people. Along with beheading all of the men, Muhammad ordered his men to behead young boys while he and his child bride, Aisha, watched the days-long event.

As long as Islam is practiced, the same barbarity that Muhammad perpetuated will spread. Sadly, innocent children are the easiest targets, as was the case with 3-year-old Chiagozie. Disturbingly, Muslims, like Kazeem, who are well-versed in Islam are flocking to the West. It would be dangerously absurd to believe that they will abandon their beliefs once they’ve arrived on our soil.

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