Muslim Man Protests Trump With Gun, But His SICK Secret Just Got Exposed

Anti-Trump Muslim protester Micah Naziri has a long history of attending different events to whip up hate against Donald Trump and Christian conservatives. His latest antics occurred outside the Republican National Convention as he strolled the streets with 3 guns – an AR-15 and 2 handguns. His big mouth exposed his ridiculous views, and we’ve also uncovered one sick secret that will blow your mind.

Micah Naziri outside RNC in Cleveland, Ohio.

With an air of arrogance, Naziri walked around outside the RNC with an AR-15 across his back. He is becoming well-known as a professional protester and professional student, who aligns himself with every anti-Trump stance along with far-leftist sentiments.

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In October 2015, he was featured in the Washington Post outside his mosque, talking with a woman who was an anti-Muslim protester. Naziri relished his newfound fame as a social justice warrior when the video went viral. Obviously, this guy is a Muslim.

“What made him [Naziri] stand out was his white knit skullcap. Micah Naziri, from Yellow Springs, Ohio, was an armed Muslim in a sea of often explicit Islamophobia.” [via]

There is just one big problem — Who is he really? As he walks around, he invokes the Holocaust and talks of Donald Trump being a fascist Nazi. He identified himself in November 2015 as a Jew as he protested with Black Lives Matter wearing a Star of David:

Micah Naziri traveled from Yellow Springs near Springfield to Columbus. He said he was upset about Trump’s comments about a national Muslim registry, so he and his friends wore yellow felt stars pinned to their jackets and carried signs – his read: “Never again.”

As Jewish Americans, we’ve come and shown our solidarity, wearing the yellow Star of David, drawing the very obvious connection between Nazi-era policies and the ones that Trump is proposing,” Naziri said. [via State News]

November 2015 event. Naziri attended and was among those wearing Star of David.

It’s apparent from his Facebook profile that he is a Muslim, so is that quote just completely wrong? It’s possible, but it’s highly unlikely. One thing is certain, though. He is full of crap. His message rings hollow as he dares to wear a Star of David as did the Jews, who were rounded up by the Nazis, and that is highly offensive.

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One of his favorite books is The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews, which is a Nation of Islam favorite, and Louis Farrakhan talks all about it as he spews anti-Semitism.

Naziri had this to say outside the RNC: “When there are bullies, and they say, ‘We’re gonna get the Moslems, creeping sharia, we’re gonna stop it,’ and they’ve got their guns, and then somebody [Naziri] comes who is actually well-trained, actually better armed than them and not the least bit intimidated or afraid, they just don’t seem to feel like they want to talk as much.”

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Naziri is delusional. His beliefs are hardcore Nation of Islam, and then he goes out in public wearing the Star of David. No one is engaging him in conversation outside the RNC because he is not relevant, and no real patriot is scared of this nut case.

He says Donald Trump is like Adolf Hitler, but this guy has no facts to back that up. He is a hypocrite, using Jewish suffering and owning it like he is a Jew and at times even saying he is a Jew. We all know Trump is no racist, and anything that Trump has advocated about Muslims is in the best interest of national security.
Micah Naziri is just another example of the screwed up left that is voting for Hillary Clinton. He is a provocateur out to spread lies about the only man who can save this country from ruin — Donald Trump. As we expose these losers, we show other Americans how warped the Clinton supporters are, and as people come to realize that those protesting Trump are paid activists, they will see there is only one way to vote come November.
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