Muslim Punches White Bus Driver, But Allah Forgot To Teach Him ONE Thing

A video is spreading across social media after a Muslim migrant decided to go after a white bus driver for an undisclosed reason. Unfortunately for him, it seems that Allah didn’t teach him one thing that he’d later learn the hard way – and we’re guessing he wished he had his 72 virgins to comfort him once it was all said and done.

The incident took place in Germany, and it’s unclear what instigated the matter. As can be seen, a Muslim migrant got on the bus and started up a conversation with the driver. However, things quickly turned to chaos after he apparently didn’t like what he was told.

Only later realizing how big of a mistake he’d made, the Muslim man decided that the best way to take out his frustration would be to start swinging. After dishing out and successfully landing 3 vicious blows, the stunned driver put a deafening end to the madness.

Delivering punch after punch to the entitled Muslim, the driver kept beating the idiot senseless until he was compliant enough to be removed from the bus. However, the beatings only continued after the driver dragged the Muslim off the bus and the two were outside. The Muslim wasn’t killed, so he’s going to have to lick his wounds without the comfort of his 72 virgins.

Muslim Punches German Bus Driver, Gets Beat In Return
Screen grab from video (Photo Source: YouTube)

As one would imagine, not too many viewers felt bad about the incident, and it’s because of one simple reality – Muslims do not assimilate. When Muslims migrate to Western nations, they want nothing to do with Western traditions and law.

Of course, they’re all too willing to enjoy the freedoms such a society has allowed for its people, but they want to continue living under their way of life — you know, the barbaric and uncivilized ways that have left their homelands in war-torn turmoil for centuries.

Lucky for us, it seems that assimilation can be forced on these people, despite the way they act. Seeing how the only thing they understand is violence, I say it’s time we start speaking their language and “throw them off the bus.”

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