Watch: Muslim Rape Gang Exits Court, Horrified To See Who’s Waiting Outside

After allegedly committing over 170 acts of sexual abuse against a staggering number of victims, some as young as 11 years old, a group of 29 rapists were brought before a judge to answer for their crimes. However, that was the least of their problems. In fact, when they walked out of the courtroom, they were left horrified to see who was outside waiting for them.

Raj Singh Basran (left), Zubair Ahmed (center), and Mohammad Azeem (right) were just a few of the 29 Muslim child rapists recently brought in on charges.

Tommy Robinson is making a name for himself in England where he outwardly opposes Islam. However, he seems to be taking a specific interest in the Muslims who are arrested for the vilest crimes in his home country.

Most recently, 29 Muslims were arrested for their part in a major sex ring that allowed the rape of 18 girls over a span of 7 years. In all, the courts slapped those responsible for the depraved crimes with over 170 separate charges, according to Mail Online, showing just how many times the violent sexual abuse took place and the horrors these girls experienced for almost a decade.

Unfortunately for the cowards responsible, although they tried to mask their faces while going in and out of the courtroom, the last thing they were able to do was to hide. In fact, several members of the rape gang were left horrified after coming out and seeing that Tommy Robinson was outside waiting to confront them.

In an incredible video, Tommy talks to each one of the rapists to not only call them every name in the book but ask them why they were in court. Of course, when the cowards wouldn’t answer, Tommy only pushed harder to get a reaction – and that he did.

At one point in the video, one of the rapists can be seen physically assaulting Tommy and slapping something out of his hand. Although the rapist had his face masked, he didn’t have the backing of the rest of his group, prompting him to run away when all was said and done.

However, we still have people – mainly those on the left – arguing on behalf of the people who are responsible for such madness. Sadly, it’s because of those making excuses for such barbarism that these disturbing events will continue to happen.

If these kids were the children, sisters, or even cousins of these liberal activists, they would be singing a different tune. Sadly, while they continue to argue such nonsense, the loved ones of other families continue to be raped and stripped of their innocence because others are too blind to see the threat for what it is. Fortunately, we have people like Tommy out there, willing to educate the masses and stand against the savages responsible for such atrocities.

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