Muslim Rapes & Chops Up Elderly Woman, Has 4 Shocking Words For The Judge

A migrant, who had already been imprisoned at one time for brutally murdering a woman, was arrested once again — this time for raping and chopping up the body of an 80-year-old grandmother. However, as soon as he was back before the judge, he had just 4 words to say that left the entire courthouse shocked.

Muslim Rapes & Chops Up Elderly Woman, Has 4 Shocking Words For The Judge
After Muslim migrant Madi Mahaboudi was found guilty of the rape and murder of an 80-year-old woman, he had just one thing to request of the court.

Madi Mahaboudi is a 33-year-old migrant from a tiny island off the southeastern coast of Africa. While the media are cleverly labeling him a “Frenchman” since the island of Mayotte is politically a part of France, what they conveniently leave out is that it’s a religiously superstitious nation with a 97-percent Muslim population. Of course, this cultural clash came into play after Mahaboudi migrated to Europe.

In 2005, Mahaboudi was sentenced in Mayotte to 8 years in prison for murdering a woman by strangulation after he seduced her. After serving his sentence in mainland France, he placed himself in a psychiatric hospital in Bordeaux and, apparently believing himself to be a changed man, checked out of the facility and re-entered society. Unfortunately, Mahaboudi wasn’t as rehabilitated as he thought.

FranceTV reports that 10 years after his first murder, Mahaboudi did the same thing to 80-year-old Violet Price. After meeting Price at a barbecue, Mahaboudi followed her home and, being the sweet old woman she is, she let him in and offered him coffee. He then proceeded to rape and strangle the elderly woman before transporting her body to his house and cutting her into 7 pieces. The Muslim migrant then dumped the severed limbs in a forest in Dordogne.

Although a medical expert explained to the court that the murder was one of the worst he’s ever seen, it was Mahaboudi’s own response that left the jury speechless. After first blaming his violence on his marijuana and porn addiction and then on his own childhood abuse, Mahaboudi begged the judge to let him go, adding, “I can be rehabilitated,” according to the Dail Mail.

“I ask to be given another chance. Deep down inside me I know I can be rehabilitated,” Mahaboudi said, presenting his excuses to the victim’s family.

Muslim Rapes & Chops Up Elderly Woman, Has 4 Shocking Words For The Judge
Details of Violet Price’s rape and murder were so heinous that the medical examiner asked her family members to leave the courtroom before he relayed the information to the jury.

Fortunately, the jury wasn’t buying the ruthless killer’s sob story. On Friday, Mahaboudi was convicted of murder for the second time and sentenced to life in prison, where he should’ve been all along.

“I grabbed her by the neck and squeezed,” Mahaboudi told the court, adding that he could not explain why he did it except that “something stronger than me came over me.”

What pushed the jury toward a guilty verdict was when the medical examiner testified that the sexual beating Price took was so severe that she had suffered from the most intense strangulation he’d ever seen. The sexual and physical injuries were so horrific that the expert had to ask family members to leave the courtroom before he relayed them to the jury.

“In 15 years of practice, I have never seen such a hemmorhaging in the trachea and neck,” the forensic doctor said on Thursday.

Mahaboudi’s lawyer attempted to excuse away the two murders by pointing to her client’s abusive childhood and allegations that he was sexually assaulted as a child by a family friend. Of course, if it’s not a mental illness or childhood trauma, liberals love to blame cultural differences for the violent and misogynistic behavior of migrants.

We are opening our borders and inviting in hordes from the most violent and inhumane countries and expecting them to be as tolerant and civilized as ourselves. Sadly, all this does is offer our offenders an opportunity to exact the same barbarity they do in their own cultures.

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