Iraqi Immigrant Rapes Girl For Months, Cops HORRIFIED To Learn His Sick ‘Foreplay’

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An asylum seeker from Iraq raped a 10-year-old girl over 20 times over the course of several months. However, things aren’t looking good for him. As if the sexual abuse wasn’t bad enough, police officers were left horrified to learn of the foreplay that the sick pervert forced on his victim before the sexual assault.

Stock images of “refugees” (left) and a visual representation of a rape victim (right)

The incident took place in an asylum camp in Tjörn, Sweden, where a 45-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker known only as Ahmed had made his way from Iraq. Shortly after arriving in his new host country, a Muslim woman told him that she had also just relocated to the area from Iraq with her 10-year-old niece and that they needed a place to stay.

Ahmed offered his place and allowed the two to live with him, but unfortunately for the woman and child, that’s when things started to go very wrong. According to reports, the Muslim man raped his new guest, but instead of reporting the crime to the police, the woman sought to protect her honor and married the man, allowing for the abuse to continue for months. However, Ahmed soon got bored with his new wife and began eyeing her 10-year-old niece, who lived in the home with them.

In order to desensitize the young child for what was to come, the Muslim man forced the girl to watch pornography as a sick form of foreplay. Once the girl became a bit more compliant, he forced himself on her and raped her – but this wasn’t a one-time thing.

As police explain, Ahmed raped his wife’s niece over 20 times between the months of July and September of last year. Once the girl’s aunt found out about the matter, she immediately called the police and reported the man to the authorities.

Of course, officers swiftly arrested the pervert, and after confirming the man’s crimes through DNA evidence, the courts officially sentenced him to 6 years behind bars. However, things appear to be far from over:

Despite the evidence, the court chose to ignore the accusations of assault and rape of the aunt, saying that there was doubt about the claims.

Now Ahmed is appealing the court ruling to avoid deportation back to his home country. The removal would also come with a lifetime ban on entering Sweden. The appeal is ongoing and no date has been yet set for a decision on the case. [Source: Breitbart]

Sadly, this reality is only a glimpse into the horrors that Sweden has endured since being flooded by “refugees” as rape has increased 1,472 percent since the country opened its doors to Muslim migrants. As a result, fellow Muslims who are truly seeking refuge and even Swedish natives are being attacked and victimized on a daily basis.

Although Sweden was once the epitome of progress in the world, this is exactly what happens when you allow an aggressive culture in that cannot cohabitate with others. The new host country starts to resemble the oppressive countries which these men and women fled.