Rapist Left HUMILIATED When Girl Pulls Out Odd “Secret Weapon”

When a pervert broke into an 18-year-old girl’s house, he assumed that the young woman would be an easy target. However, as soon as he began assaulting her, he realized that she was “armed” in one of the most unconventional ways we’ve ever seen — and it’s left him feeling utterly humiliated.

Beloved house cat “Minnos” fought off a rape attempt when a 20-year-old man attacked her owner.

A 20-year-old man, who was from Diyarbakir, Turkey, made headlines after his attempted rape was hilariously foiled by a very unlikely hero. The man forced his way into the home of his teen victim, planning to carry out his brutal sexual assault and easily flee. Fortunately, the girl had a secret weapon that no one would ever suspect.

Hurriyet Daily News reports that as soon as the attacker, identified only as S.B., grabbed the young woman, her beloved house cat came to the rescue. The white feline named “Minnoş” violently lunged at the attacker, relentlessly clawing and biting her way to victory.

Terrified and possibly confused, the hero pet fought off the would-be rapist, leaving him with bite marks and scratches courtesy of one brave mouser. This left the victim, known only as H.T., enough time to escape and contact police.

The attack cat not only risked her life to save her owner from harm, but she also managed to put up enough of a fight to detain the attacker long enough for police to catch up to him.

“I was faced with a villain, a pervert. He could have killed me but my cat saved my life by attacking him. [Minnoş] is my hero,” H.T. told reporters.

“People say cats are ungrateful. But in fact it is people who are ungrateful. Animals are loyal. Minnoş sees me as her mother. She is worth the world to me and she will always be with us,” H.T. added.

When the would-be rapist appeared in court, he was sentenced to more than 7 years for his assault. However, his attorney is working to fight the more-than-appropriate sentence with a very inappropriate excuse.

Express reports that the defendant’s lawyer is planning to appeal his punishment, trivializing his client’s behavior by claiming that because the rape was interrupted, he should not be charged with something that he might have never committed in the first place.

Understandably, the young woman’s attorney, Deniz Emine Kayar, is appalled by this justification, insisting that this only further offends the victim.

“The action was prevented because of the cat’s attack, but it was evaluated by court as if the suspect voluntarily changed his mind,” said the lawyer. “The cat was not taken into consideration before reaching a verdict,” she said, explaining how being forced to surrender is very different from giving up voluntarily.

As heart-warming as it is that such a typically apathetic creature would courageously defend their owner, we cannot expect to rely on domesticated animals to successfully thwart attacks every time. The only guarantee for equality in the face of such brutal crimes is to arm oneself, a right afforded to those of us in the U.S.

The rape culture that plagues Middle Eastern countries is quickly rearing its ugly head in the West. However, unlike many of our European neighbors, we can prepare for this barbaric ideology of misogyny with more than our house cats — no offense to the feline species.

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