Muslim Rapist Let Go By Liberal Judge, Takes Sick Moves To The Next Level

Muslim Rapist Let Go By Liberal Judge, Takes Sick Moves To The Next Level
Pictured: Stock images for visual representation of rape and a traumatized young girl

Not only did a refugee viciously rape a teen girl, he filmed the assault as he did it. However, there was little justice for his innocent victim. After a pansy liberal judge slapped him on the wrist, many are outraged at how he took his own twisted brand of evil to the next level.

The alleged 16-year-old Muslim refugee, who goes by Ali, was convicted in February of child rape for pinning a 13-year-old girl against a wall at a school in Sweden. The girl reported that he insisted that she have sex with him. He shoved her against a wall and tried to remove her pants multiple times. However, the girl fought back and pulled up his pants for him in protest. Unfortunately, her efforts were in vain as he raped her anyway, forcing her to perform oral sex on him.

As Ali pressed down on her head for between twenty and thirty minutes, he brazenly pulled out his cell phone and filmed the disturbing attack. Eventually, Ali’s friend Mohammed arrived, and the incident ended a few minutes later.

To add insult to brutal injury, Ali and his friend defamed the girl over the incident, even going so far as to show the video to many at the school. His efforts caused other students to “speak ill” of her rather than him, the insinuation being that she is a promiscuous girl who wanted or deserved such treatment.

In an infuriating decision, the judge who presided over Ali’s case did not charge him with child pornography or defamation. Ali was sentenced to merely 40 hours of community service for his vile crimes, infuriating many. People are further outraged to learn that Ali and his family are now appealing the sentence of 40 hours of community service, in hopes of getting an even lighter sentence from the Court of Appeal. In other words, he wants to completely get away with rape, proving he has no remorse and only a sickening level of depravity, making it very likely, he will strike again.

The entire series of events is indicative of the results of a vastly broken system. Sweden opened the doors to tragedies such as this one by allowing so many to enter their country without a valid method of vetting them. Now that the brutal crimes are occurring, they take a soft stance in punishing these offenses, and respect for the law is further eroded. The fact that a convicted child rapist would even consider appealing such a decision is mind-boggling.

Many in the United States worried that we were following in the footsteps of liberal Europe, and they decided to take action by electing President Donald Trump. So far, Trump is not backing away from his firm stance on refugees and immigration. Perhaps, when more people learn of tragedies like the one described above, they will more publicly lend their support to Trump and his initiatives.