Muslim Refugee Butchers Teen Boy, Liberal Judge FREES Him After Hearing 7 Outrageous Words

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Despite being found guilty of brutally slaughtering a teen boy, an Afghan refugee escaped both 12 years in prison and deportation after a liberal judge heard 7 unbelievable words.

Muslim Refugee Butchers Teen Boy, Liberal Judge FREES Him After Hearing 7 Outrageous Words
An Afghan refugee (right) was set free despite butchering a teen boy because the judge heard 7 outrageous words. (Photo credit: Ängelholm Police)

In the name of diversity, Europe opened its borders to mass migration. However, said diversity turned out to be an invasion of mostly Muslim men from Islamic regimes, growing the almost non-existent Muslim population in European countries to dangerous proportions.

Though they are still a tiny minority, Europe’s Muslim migrants are dramatically changing the face of the West through violent crimes and demands for Sharia law. Unfortunately, the Western justice system is answering their calls with flagrant bias and appeasement.

On September 9, 2017, a Muslim migrant who fled Afghanistan for Sweden was arrested for the gruesome murder of a fellow asylum seeker. The unnamed Afghan refugee brutally stabbed his 17-year-old male victim to death in a refugee center in Ängelholm, Skåne, before police were called by horrified spectators.

After butchering the boy in broad daylight, the Afghan had casually changed clothing and bandaged minor wounds to his hands, showing no remorse when police arrived. However, his calm demeanor was more than just heartlessness, as he knew that the left-leaning justice system would likely rule in his favor.

Despite being found guilty of murder, for which the standard penalty is 12 years in prison, the Afghan asylum seeker walked free with just 1 year and 10 months in a taxpayer-funded youth care facility after the liberal judge heard the refugee’s attorney claim that he “was 15 when the crime was committed.” According to Fria Tider, the Afghan, who appears to be much older than a teen, was allowed to escape deserved jail time for his murder conviction when the Helsingborg District Court merely took the word of the refugee instead of age testing him, which is both a simple and accurate procedure to determine age.

Muslim Refugee Butchers Teen Boy, Liberal Judge FREES Him After Hearing 7 Outrageous Words
Despite appearing obviously much older, the Afghan migrant (left) was spared jail time and deportation because he claimed he “was 15 when the crime was committed.” (Photo credit: Ängelholm Police)

“It is a very serious crime. If the offender was 21 years of age or older, the sentence would have been 12 years in prison. The length of the sentence has been settled in accordance with the crime bar and practice because the perpetrator was 15 years old when the crime was committed,” said the counselor Dina Gutrad in a statement.

“The fact that the course of events has been very hasty speaks for the lower penalty. The district court’s ruling is based on the fact that a murder sentence garners 12 years in prison. NN (the offender) was 15 years old and 10 months old when the crime was committed.”

The court admitted that the penalty was so mild solely because of the “refuge boy’s” young age, which is based on the offender’s own claim and not a medical age test. Because of the court’s unwillingness to allow the Swedish Migration Board to obtain medical records that would prove within a couple of years the migrant’s true age, his only penance is to stay at a taxpayer-funded children’s facility for less than 2 years. Once the refugee has served his time in the youth care home, he will be free to once again roam the streets.

The defense presented a sappy testimony, alleging that the Afghan killer didn’t mean to murder his peer and even stabbed him out of self-defense, according to Helsingborgs Dagblad. The migrant’s attorney also claimed that his client was relentlessly bullied by the victim, although this could not be confirmed.

“He says he has been subject to bullying and harassment by the victim even before this moment, and that is the background to what happened,” added defense attorney Olof Wettermark.

Although the court refuted these claims, the migrant still received a paltry sentence due to his alleged age. The prosecution maintains that the asylum seeker planned the murder and intended for his victim to bleed to death.

“He said he did not intend to kill,” said prosecutor Magnus Larsson. “The violence he has exercised is so direct, and directed at such places on the body that he has been looking to kill or been indifferent to it. It’s dangerous to chop someone in that way, both in the upper body and in the groin.”

Europe is not only flooding itself with millions who adhere to a culture and religion that perpetuates violence and oppression, they are allowing them to escape justice at every turn.

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