Muslim Refugee In U.S. For 1 Week, Gives Disabled Woman Islamic ‘Welcome’

Muslim Refugee In U.S. For 1 Week, Gives Disabled Woman Islamic 'Welcome'
Just one week after arriving in the U.S., a Muslim refugee repaid his gracious hosts by giving a severely disabled woman a very Islamic welcome.

Just one week after arriving in South Dakota, a refugee introduced a severely disabled special needs woman to the dark side of “multiculturalism.” Of course, you’ve probably never heard about this heinous incident since both the justice system and media are blatantly covering it up for one disgusting reason — so we’re exposing their flagrant hypocrisy.

As the liberal media distracts you with accusations of “fake news” when reports don’t fit their narrative, they’re purposefully ignoring and outright censoring real news. Sadly, it’s left up to the smaller outlets that are consistently targeted by these news giants to fulfill the responsibility to the masses that they’ve shamelessly flouted.

One week after being taken in as a refugee of war and oppression, 39-year-old Liban Mohamed sexually assaulted a severely disabled woman in Aberdeen. After the 31-year-old special needs woman was escorted to a bench by her caregiver to get some fresh air, she returned to find Mohamed with his hand between the terrified victim’s legs. The woman is reportedly so severely disabled that she cannot talk and can only let caregivers know when she’s hungry.

When the police arrested Mohamed, he confessed that he desired to marry his victim and told authorities that in his home country of Somalia, this wasn’t considered wrong.

Chances are that you haven’t heard about this story. While we understand that certain reports surface slower than others, this sickening incident happened on July 30, 2016. It has only resurfaced because Mohamed’s trial occurred on December 20. Unbelievably, even local media has been eerily silent — but the coverup goes far beyond this.

Not one picture of Mohamed has been shared by the press. In fact, in 3 whole weeks since his trial, not one outlet has reported on his conviction. To get to the bottom of this, WND called up Aberdeen officials after vague details of the trial were leaked by a civilian.

Unbelievably, when WND called Aberdeen’s daily newspaper to ask why nothing had been reported, the editor said that he doesn’t even remember the outrageous incident.

“I’m not seeing it in our system, and I really don’t recall it,” said editor J.J. Perry when asked about the case Tuesday by WND. “I’ll have to talk to our court reporter. It might be we just missed it on the docket.”

Muslim Refugee In U.S. For 1 Week, Gives Disabled Woman Islamic 'Welcome'
Aberdeen Mayor Mike Levsen wants more Muslim refugees to “learn from.” Thanks to State Refugee Coordinator Tim Jurgens, South Dakota will get them regardless of how the state officials vote.

Adding to the suspicion, WND was told by officials that the court reporter didn’t attend the trial. The police department denied WND’s request for the convicted migrant’s mugshot. There would be no reason for this other than the migrant’s protection, especially since he was already found guilty and is awaiting sentencing.

“Nothing was in the paper about it, so it doesn’t get out, nobody knows about it,” said an Aberdeen resident, who asked to remain anonymous. “A friend of mine, someone who works for her was on jury duty the Monday before Christmas, but they wouldn’t let him on the jury because he said he didn’t like the refugee program. He told my friend about it, and she told me. Wednesday morning, I went straight to the courthouse and they say it’s all over with. The trial is over. He was found guilty.”

Mohamed was found guilty of attempted sexual contact with a person incapable of consent, a felony with a maximum prison term of 5 years. It is also unclear if he will be deported, although we can assume that he will be allowed to stay in the U.S. and still collect taxpayer benefits.

Refugee Resettlement Watch reports that Mohamed required 2 taxpayer-funded interpreters and a free attorney, but never showed up to court.

“The day that it happened, he was staying at the White House Inn hotel in Aberdeen,” prosecutor Christopher White told WND. “What came out at trial, in his defense attorney’s opening statement, was that he arrived in Aberdeen that day and had only been in the United States for approximately a week, and he had come to work at the beef plant in Aberdeen. But I don’t know if he had already started working or was about to start work there.”

The same ignorance occurred when a 5-year-old special needs girl was sexually assaulted by a group of Sudanese refugee boys. Liberal rag Snopes attempted to completely discredit the case, offering a “false” label until details of the horrific crime later surfaced to disprove their claims.

The refugees who are claiming that they’re fleeing inhumanity are some of the same ones who are perpetuating it. Their Islamic values are fundamentally misogynistic and violent, as their own prophet used migration to enslave, rape, pillage, and conquer his host city.

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