Muslim Refugee Has 5 Words When Judge Asks Why He Raped 10-Year-Old

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Muslim Refugee Has 5 Words When Judge Asks Why He Raped 10-Year-Old Boy
A Sydney court heard the horrific details of the rape of a 10-year-old child but the most disturbing aspect was why the Muslim rapist claims he did it.

After a father caught a Muslim refugee raping his 10-year-old son, the asylum seeker was lucky to make it to court alive. However, when the judge asked why the man would do such a thing to a helpless little boy, the Muslim responded with 5 words that rendered the judge utterly speechless.

Conservatives have warned that Islam cannot coexist with our Western laws, cultures, and values. Still, we are told that once we show the hordes of Muslim asylum seekers our generosity and tolerance, they will do the same. Ultimately, we come to find that the more aggressive of the two uses this benevolence and compassion as a footstool to implement their own ideology and its barbaric enforcement.

When Mufiz Rahaman entered Australia as an asylum seeker, the left made the argument for him that he has every right to stay and that his culture is equal to ours. Tragically, one element of Rahaman’s culture is perhaps the most sickening act of debauchery imaginable.

The Daily Mail reports that Rahaman, a 20-year-old Muslim refugee from Myanmar, was living with a group of Bangladeshi Muslim asylum seekers who had reportedly fled “religious persecution.”

While in living on welfare in Sydney, Rahaman bribed the 10-year-old son of another refugee to allow him to sexually assault him. According to the police report, Rahaman sneaked into the child’s bedroom, climbed on top of him, and sodomized him while the boy’s father was in another room. When the father walked in and saw Rahaman lying on top of his son, he shouted, “What are you doing to this little boy?! You’re an adult!”

Rahaman was arrested and the child testified against his rapist, but the most disturbing detail of the incident is Rahaman’s reason for raping the boy. When asked why he raped a child, Rahaman replied that it’s acceptable in his homeland.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Judge Andrew Scotting was appalled when Rahaman explained that he didn’t believe he should be punished as a criminal because raping children in his culture is “morally acceptable” and not at all wrong.

“There is a need for specific deterrence … The offense appears to have been (viewed) as being culturally acceptable conduct in the offender’s childhood,” Judge Scotting said.

Muslim Refugee Has 5 Words When Judge Asks Why He Raped 10-Year-Old Boy
Another Muslim refugee from Myanmar was arrested for recruiting militants for the Islamic State. If even a country that’s Buddhist, considered by some to be the most peaceful ideology on earth, can’t get Muslims to conform to peace, it’s absurd to think any other culture can.

Rahaman was reported as having a “lack of morality” and refuses to acknowledge that his actions would “physically” and “psychologically damage” his child victim. Although he has been sentenced to 5 years in prison with a requirement of serving 3 years before he can be considered for parole, Rahaman still has no remorse for the boy and sees nothing wrong with his perverse actions.

Judge Scotting also added that Rahaman has a moderate to high risk of reoffending upon release. However, this surely won’t stop the justice system from freeing him in just a few years.

When Rahaman said that child rape is acceptable in Myanmar, he was technically telling the truth. Almost 60 percent of all rapes reported to authorities in 2014 involved victims under 16 years of age. This was a welcome decrease from 2013’s 70 percent. Of course, the number is much higher since children are more likely not to report their abuse for fear of retaliation.

Like Myanmar, many Muslim countries have a disturbingly high rate of child rape. One of the worst offenders, Afghanistan has a profitable market in Bacha Bazi, activities involving male child sexual abuse.

In Saudi Arabia, Muslim leaders have announced that raping children is morally acceptable and that there is nothing in Sharia law or texts from the prophet Muhammad that limits the age for marrying children.

Of course, this debauched behavior is encouraged because Muhammad married a 6-year-old girl and took women as sex slaves. After all, if the prophet does it, then it must be Islamic.

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