Muslim Refugee Decides To Molest Young Woman, Finds Out He Chose Wrong Girl

Muslim Refugee Decides To Molest Young Woman, Finds Out He Chose Wrong Girl
When 21-year-old “Hanna” realized that a 23-year-old Iraqi refugee was masturbating beside her, the feisty young woman decided to teach the migrant pervert a lesson. (Photo source: Fria Tider)

When a refugee spotted a beautiful young woman sitting alone on a train, he decided she’d be the ideal target for his perverted sexual abuse. However, as soon as he attempted to subject her to his disgusting fetish, she immediately showed him that he picked the wrong girl to molest.

With the mass migration of Muslims from Islamic countries comes the enforcement of oppressive Sharia law. Since the West hasn’t fully recognized Sharia as their law, the Muslim men, to whom the Quran gives divine authority over women, have taken it upon themselves to enforce Islamic punishments against women practicing “un-Islamic” behavior. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t realize that not every female infidel will submit to their religious supremacy without a fight.

When a 21-year-old woman known only as “Hanna” boarded the Öresund train to Karlshamn on November 24, she was surprised after a young Muslim migrant chose to sit right next to her instead of the numerous vacant seats. It was then that the 23-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker unzipped his pants and began masturbating in front of her.

Swedish newspaper Fria Tider reports that Hanna knew what the migrant was doing when she noticed him staring at her with “glazed eyes” and saw his exposed genitals after the jacket on his lap slipped down. Realizing that no one would come to her rescue, Hanna courageously decided to be her own hero instead of just another politically correct victim.

The feisty young woman shoved the migrant out of his seat and into the aisle, exposing his debauched deed to the few remaining passengers. While shouting to the riders about what the refugee was doing, she beat him over the head with her Coke bottle. When the terrified migrant tried to flee, she held him at bay until the conductor appeared and removed him from the train.

“I shouted loudly, ‘Are you sitting and masturbating next to me, you f***ing creep?!’ to make a whole lot of attention. The other passengers must have heard when I cried. I hit him with the Coke bottle several times. I was so angry at what he had put me through.”

Hanna told reporters that she knew she had to defend herself the moment that she realized no one was going to do it for her. Fortunately, this provided her with enough rage to take on the intimidating sexual predator.

“I panicked and felt trapped. At firsst, I didn’t think I could stand up, for I felt damn threatened by the guy. I look up to see if anyone else seemed to notice what is happening, but no one did. I think then I’ll pull off his jacket when other passengers walking past to see what happens. But there is no one to walk past,” she continued.

As the migrant shouted, “You are crazy!” and slurred at her in broken English, the conductor intervened, pulling him away from Hanna. Despite Hanna warning the conductor not to let him go, he kicked the migrant off the train, allowing the sex offender to go free. Luckily, Hanna wasn’t about to give up on justice so easily.

Hanna went to the police station and demanded an investigation. The fiery young woman soon helped officers track down the migrant to a refugee center in Sölvesborg. Swedish Radio reports that the unnamed asylum seeker was convicted of sexual molestation, earning him a sentence of 80 days in jail along with compensating Hanna $571 for the anguish he caused.

Hanna’s valor serves not only as an inspiration to women living in the West but a testament to the danger of liberal politics. Thanks to Sweden’s open-border approach to asylum seekers, 1 in 4 Swedish women is predicted to be raped. While 77 percent of rapists are Muslim, the government ensures that their backgrounds are protected through heavy censorship of the media and tight reigns on police.

Due to Sweden’s multicultural atmosphere, violent crime has increased by 300 percent and rapes by 1,472 percent, making the country number 2 in the world on the list of most rapes per capita. As such, evidence shows that at the start of the 2000s, migrants were raping 20 times more often than the Swedish majority.

The price of losing our freedom of speech carries the cost of losing all other freedoms. Muslims understand that although they could never overpower the West with the sword that their ancestor’s wielded in Europe, they can conquer our freedoms through political correctness. Once we are not allowed to speak critically of Islam, as Sharia law prohibits, we are unable to defend ourselves from its oppression.

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