Muslim Refugee Plots Murder Of Family Over ‘Not Enough’ Welfare, Meets Gruesome Karma

Frustrated that he wasn’t getting “enough” in welfare and benefits from the burdened taxpayers, an entitled refugee plotted the brutal slaughter of his own innocent wife and children. However, just as he was carrying out his sadistic plans, he was served up a gruesome dose of well-deserved karma.

Muslim Refugee Plots Murder Of Family Over 'Not Enough' Welfare, Meets Gruesome Karma
Indignant that he wasn’t getting enough in benefits, Muslim refugee Endris Mohammed plotted the heinous murders of his children and wife, only to be served an equally gruesome dose of karma. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/CCTV, Facebook)

After flooding the West with millions of migrants who despise our freedoms, values, and cultures, liberals are desperately scrambling to cover up the damage their multiculturalism has caused. With Europe succumbing to Sharia law in an effort to appear tolerant, the tiny minority of Muslim asylum seekers continue to perpetuate the same violence and oppression they claim to have fled in their home country.

While some of these refugees are truly flocking to Western nations in order to escape religious and political persecution, most seek to take advantage of our generous benefits and spread their ideology. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to discern those who are actual refugees from those who will resort to the inhumane cultural aspects accepted and rampant in their home nations.

After passing up multiple safe countries in order to indulge in the UK’s liberal welfare system, economic Ethiopian migrant Endris Mohammed weaseled his way into Britain. After being admitted into Kent as a refugee, Mohammed met and married a fellow East African and immediately began producing offspring, knowing he couldn’t provide for them without burdening British taxpayers.

In October 2016, the selfish migrant concocted a sinister plan to brutally slay his entire family in a bid to blame the taxpayers for not giving enough for him to take care of his household, despite the fact that he led a comfortable life in a nice home with an XBox and other luxuries. Luckily, the murderous thug wasn’t about to get away with slaughtering his precious children without suffering immensely himself.

The Daily Mail reports that after smothering his 2 children, aged 6 and 8, and attempting to murder his wife via arson, the 47-year-old Muslim suffered severe and disfiguring burns to his face and body that will serve as a gruesome reminder as he serves out a predicted life sentence in prison.

The Muslim migrant had suffocated his 8-year-old son, Saros Endris, and 6-year-old daughter, Leanor, before failing to burn his wife, 37-year-old Penil Teklehaimanot, while setting his home ablaze. The woman managed to escape the fire after hearing the smoke alarm and courageously pulled her children’s bodies to safety only to discover that they were already dead.

After failing to kill his wife, Mohammed fled the scene in his car before pouring gasoline all over his vehicle and himself in a bid to end his life. Much to his dismay, Mohammed survived the gruesome suicide attempt and was treated for serious burns, which melted his face into a horrific clump of seared flesh.

Muslim Refugee Plots Murder Of Family Over 'Not Enough' Welfare, Meets Gruesome Karma
In an attempt to escape justice, Mohammed (left & right) poured gasoline over his body and set himself alight only to survive the suicide attempt. He will now suffer horrific and painful burns all over his face and body as a reminder of his evil ways while likely serving a life sentence. (Photo Credit: Facebook, West Midlands Police)

During his trial, Mohammed claimed that he killed his children and attempted to kill his wife because he believed they’d “be better off dead” because he couldn’t make enough money to provide for them. However, this was found to be a lie, since he was making over $1,300 a month at his job with Uber, an undisclosed amount of money from his wife’s job, and possibly even more in welfare, which is more than many Britons make without the government assistance that’s reserved for refugees.

It is also reported that Mohammed even enjoyed playing his XBox with his children just hours before murdering them and that his wife admitted that they owed no debts and were making their rent payments on time, according to the BBC.

He claimed that, whilst pouring petrol on his car outside the family home, he “thought of his children and how this would leave them without their father.”

Jonas Hankin QC, prosecuting, said, “The true reasons why the defendant killed his children and tried to kill his wife may never be known. His explanation for killing the children was that they would be better off dead than alive because he intended to kill himself.”

Disturbingly, his wife, who survived with minor injuries, only had praise to offer her killer husband but confessed that he never had any worries, including financial woes.

Giving evidence, wife Penil Teklehaimanot described her husband as “the perfect dad.”

She said, “He was a gentle, quiet man. He’s the man who takes it easy. He took everything easy. He’s not worried about anything. He was the perfect dad. He spent a lot of time with the children and played with them.”

In just 30 minutes, a jury found Mohammed guilty on 2 counts of murder and 1 count of attempted murder, which will likely result in the judge delivering a life sentence. Mohammed remained utterly remorseless as the verdicts were read out to him.

The West is committing cultural suicide by welcoming in millions who adhere to an ideology and culture that has inflicted mass persecution, oppression, and violence. Despite claiming to be a religion of peace, Muslims are responsible for 91 percent of honor killings worldwide, and it’s justified by the Quran’s teachings.

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