Muslim “Refugee” Rapes Toddler, But It’s What Officials Do After That’s Sick

When the mother of a 3-year-old little girl found out that her daughter had been brutally raped by a Muslim refugee, she phoned police immediately. However, what unfolded during the investigation and arrest of the rapist revealed whose side those in charge had taken.

A Muslim refugee somehow managed to snatch a toddler, rape her in an asylum center in Sweden, and nearly got away with his deviant actions, until the girl’s mother discovered the crime.

The mother phoned Tingsryds County police on Tuesday, 8 hours after her daughter was attacked, only to find that Muslim migrants are a protected minority, so protected that their leftist allies believe they’re above the law.

Police investigated the incident, according to Swedish newspaper Kvällsposten, but found that the workers in charge of the refugee center refused to give up any information that might incriminate the rapist.

The officials on the Swedish Migration Board attempted to cover up the rape of the toddler in order to protect a 40-year-old Muslim illegal, Speisa reports. Police confirmed that the leftists moved the rapist to another building in an attempt to thwart his arrest.

Muslim "Refugee" Rapes Toddler, But It's What Officials Do After That's Sick
King Carl XVI Gustaf meets with the Swedish Migration Board earlier this year, the same board that is now resorting to covering up rapes to protect Muslim perpetrators.

“We have captured a middle-aged man,” police spokesman John Nilsson told Kvällspostenile. “We have heard from a witnesses, and the forensic medical expert performed a DNA test.”

The board refused to tell police the rapist’s whereabouts, but they were ultimately forced to hand him over to authorities.

According to Õhtuleht, the child was acquainted with her attacker and the refugee center.

It is unclear if the mother is also a refugee, or perhaps an aid worker, and if the board tried to discourage the woman from notifying police.

Rape is becoming more common in Sweden, especially of small children. This is directly related to the country’s lax borders and willingness to accept waves of Muslim migrants.

Muslim "Refugee" Rapes Toddler, But It's What Officials Do After That's Sick

Since Sweden decided to open borders in the name of multiculturalism, violent crime has risen by 300 percent and rapes by almost 1,500 percent. Only Lesotho, Africa exceeds Sweden in percentage of rapes in the world.

With Sweden making a move towards the progressive left, the court system has begun to sway in favor of migrants. In one case, a 15-year-old girl, who was gang-raped by a group of Muslim migrants, was chastised for her own rape by a judge in a higher court of appeals. He then acquitted her rapists.

Sweden is an example for the West in the era of multiculturalism, diversity, and tolerance. Welcoming in supremacist cultures is erasing Western culture, and our tolerance for the intolerant is forcing submission to the minorities.

In order to salvage our freedom and culture, the West must remove the cancerous leftist policies that ignore statistics for emotional investment.

Photo Credit [Sharia Unveiled, Sveriges Radio, Gates of Vienna]

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