Leftists Let Muslim Refugees Sleep With Little Girls, Their Reason Is Even Sicker

The left’s destructive policies have not only resulted in the mass rape and assault of Western women, but the sickening abuse of innocent minors. Now, their explanation for allowing Muslim asylum seekers to have sex with children proves that they’d rather embrace pedophilia and rape as long as it furthers their liberal agenda.

The left has greeted the perpetual Muslim invasion of Europe with demands for open borders, benefits, and even new legislation to make these migrants feel “welcome.” However, with the latest attempt to assimilate to their new guests’ misogynistic and inhumane customs, liberals have completely crossed the line into absolute depravity.

In October 2015, Mad World News reported that the Netherlands is officially recognizing male migrants’ marriages to child brides, as long as they were married to the little girls in a country that allows this type of union, mainly Muslim countries.

Now, Sweden has followed suit, announcing that they will support child abuse and pedophilia, simply because they believe tolerance and respect should extend even to the inhumane and debauched.

Europe Bows To Muslims, Forces Child Brides To Do Something Sickening
Just like the Netherlands, Denmark will allow adult Muslim men to have sex with their child brides, all in the name of tolerance and respect.

Popular Danish online newspaper MetroXpress reports that while children who are not blood-related are typically separated from adults in special asylums, child brides in Sweden are allowed to sleep with their much older husbands on the weekends.

Girls aged 14 are invited to spend the night with their adult husbands in the asylums, and it’s all thanks to the progressive leftists and their dangerous political agenda.

The Foreign Ministry released a statement confirming that they will literally support and encourage pedophilia, as long as it’s condoned in the refugee’s foreign land, according to The Copenhagen Post.

“The Immigration Department has experienced quite a few cases in which minors (under-18s) seeking asylum have a legally valid marriage with another minor asylum-seeker or with an adult spouse, in which the parties can therefore fundamentally stay together at a reception centre,” read the statement.

According to Sofie Carsten Nielsen of the far-left party “De radikale,” the last thing these child brides need is rescuing or empowerment from their arranged marriages to an older man. Her crass comments prove the ugly reality of progressive liberalism.

“It is in regards to the law the same as mismanagement of children. If a 14 year old is married, it must be arranged. The asylum center and police need to respond to this.”

In Denmark, the age of consent is 15 years old, as long as the two parties are minors, and one cannot be legally married until they are 18. However, leftists have proven that illegal migrants don’t have to abide by the law of the land, and they’ll instead allow special groups certain exclusive privileges based on race, religion, or culture.

Europe Bows To Muslims, Forces Child Brides To Do Something Sickening
At 9-months-pregnant, 14-year-old Fatema Alkasem went missing with her 24-year-old husband from a Dutch refugee center in August 2015.

As Denmark will soon experience, the Netherlands is realizing just how dangerous the advocacy of child marriage is. Because of progressively leftist policies, the Netherlands was reported to have housed a pregnant 14-year-old Syrian girl with her 24-year-old refugee husband at a reception center. Unfortunately, the man disappeared with the 9-months-pregnant girl in August 2015, and the pair has yet to be found, according to the Express.

Europe’s leftists are embracing pedophilia, one of the sickest, most abusive forms of sexual deviancy known to man, and it’s all because a man who claimed to be Allah’s prophet 1,400 years ago married and raped his 9-year-old bride. There should never be any acceptance, tolerance, or respect for this disgusting practice. It is a crime against nature, humanity, and the innocent, and to turn our heads from it is to directly stand for it.

This is nothing less than the legislation of crimes against children, hidden under the mask of love and open-mindedness. But that’s exactly what liberals support when they defend Islam, and it’s coming to a neighborhood near you.

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