Muslim Refugees Looking For Someone To Rape, Run Into The WRONG Girls

Muslim Refugees Looking For Someone To Rape, Run Into The WRONG Girls
Because little is being done about Muslim migrants raping in swimming pools, a group of bikini-clad young women have taken matters into their own hands.

Groups of Muslim migrants have roamed the streets, looking for women to grope, assault, and rape “as Allah wills it.” However, the tables have quickly turned as rapist refugees find that not everyone’s going to fall victim to their sickening sex attacks.

With the influx of Muslim migrants arriving in Europe, Sweden’s rapes have doubled in just the last year, as many other countries are seeing an unmistakable rise in sex crimes with the “refugee crisis.” Reports that gangs of male asylum seekers prowl public areas are increasing, and since very few men have united to defend the women, some girls are taking matters into their own hands.

Daily Mail reports that there is now a group of bikini-clad young women who patrol public swimming pools against migrants who would molest women and children. The “Groping Guard” vigilantes keep a sharp eye on swimmers, ready to use whatever means necessary to get the point across that Western women are not a buffet from which they can satisfy their perverse habits.

Muslim Refugees Looking For Someone To Rape, Run Into The WRONG Girls
From left to right: Ella Sjoberg, Lotta Stenberg, Siri Bernhardsson, and Malin Gustafsson patrol pools in Kalmar, looking for migrant rapists.

All the buzz in Sweden, these four women aren’t simply acting as lifeguards to report incidents, but are willing to use physical force to stop Muslims from molesting swimmers.

“We are here to teach these boys they must learn to behave,” says Siri Bernhardsson as she patrols the swimming pool wearing a bikini. We are tired of men thinking they can come to Sweden and molest women when all we want is to be left in peace to swim without being felt up.”

Siri Bernhardsson , a 24-year-old assistant nurse, acts as the leader of the all-female patrol as she and her colleagues monitor the pools of Kalmar, Sweden. She explains that countless women have written to them, detailing the horrors of being sexually assaulted by migrant men.

“It happens at concerts, in train stations and in swimming pools,” Siri told Mailonline. “Most of the victims feel ashamed and don’t report it to the police. We know that there have been attacks in our swimming pool that have not been reported. They have been forced to separate men from women in the jacuzzis because of all the attacks. That should not happen in 2016 in Sweden.”

Muslim Refugees Looking For Someone To Rape, Run Into The WRONG Girls
The all-female group acts as more than lifeguards, ensuring that women and children are safe from sexual assault.

Police acknowledge that the number of rapes are much higher, because many go unreported due to shame or fear. Women often hide their assault when they believe that it may provoke retaliation, and some fear going through the court will recreate their nightmare, only to have their attackers freed without punishment.

“That is why we started patrolling the swimming pools — the place where women are most exposed,” Siri explained. “Swimming pools have become prime hunting grounds in Europe for gangs of men looking to prey on vulnerable women.”

Of course, Siri and her fellow vigilantes have heard about the assaults happening in swimming pools across Europe, including the German schoolgirl attacked by Syrian refugees, a 54-year-old woman groped by a teen asylum seeker, and a 10-year-old boy brutally raped by a Muslim migrant in Austria — and that’s exactly why the women patrol.

Muslim Refugees Looking For Someone To Rape, Run Into The WRONG Girls
The pool manager might not want them here, but that hasn’t stopped the “Groping Guards” from warning women about the dangers of Muslim migrants.

Still, not everyone in Kalmar wants the women patrolling, and we’re not just talking about the disappointed rapists. In fact, one swimming pool manager says that he wants the group gone, claiming that their presence has driven his customers aways. However, Siri believes there is another reason.

“The number of visitors has probably declined because young women don’t feel safe here anymore and we are here to make that stop,” Siri retorted. “If we organise this patrol perhaps we can address that this is a big problem in Sweden, and more women in Sweden would be willing to stand up and say ‘this is not okay, I am reporting you to the police.'”

At least 34 asylum centers have already opened up in Kalmar, a town of only 36,000 people. The city has seen 6,000 new arrivals, and expects more with the massive wave of migrants predicted to hit Europe in 2016. Although the continent suffered around one million migrants in 2015, nearly four times more than the previous year, experts believe that at least 3 million will arrive in 2016, according to the Independent.

This influx of Muslim migrants is not only ravaging its way across Europe, it is fundamentally changing European culture. Women are afraid to go out alone, children cannot swim in their own recreational pools, and very few are doing anything about it. If this continues, all of Europe will be just another Islamic wasteland under Sharia law.

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