Muslim Refugees Get $6k/Month In Welfare, Want You To Pay For Something Else

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A Muslim family with 9 children entered the West as refugees, refused to enter the workforce, and immediately signed up for welfare, receiving over $6,400 every month. However, the lavish taxpayer benefits just aren’t enough, so now they’re demanding hardworking citizens pay for just one more thing in their attempt to milk the system.

When a devout Muslim couple left Afghanistan to pursue Western life in Austria, the immigration board approved asylum status for them and their 9 children, aging from 5 to 20 years old. The pair soon claimed disability and began receiving $6,406.45 each month in welfare, according to Kronen Zeitung. Now, they’re planning on increasing their monthly benefits the best way they know how.

Austrian online newspaper The Local reports that the couple is requesting In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment so that they can have at least one more child on the taxpayer dime. The woman, who is now 44 according to her identification documents, wants a larger family but is struggling to become pregnant at her age.

Muslim Refugees Get $6k/Month In Welfare, Want You To Pay For Something Else
A Somali refugee family of 14 collects welfare in Lewiston, Maine. Around 98 percent of Muslim asylum seekers during this refugee crisis will not work.

If their request is accepted, health services would pay up to 70 percent of the costs, including hospital stay, blood tests, sperm tests, ultrasounds, and various gynecological visits. The pair was informed that the woman’s age and physical state would limit the chance of success, but the couple wasn’t backing down from pursuing the expensive treatment.

Each month, the family receives $3,201.80 for two parents and seven minor children, $944.47 for the two adult children who still live with them, and $2,260.17 in government allowance, all without any of the four adults lifting a finger to work. This comes out to a yearly salary of $76,877.40, not bad for unemployment.

In short, this couple understands that they will most likely waste the taxpayer-funded treatment due to probable complications because of their ages, but what’s one more handout when you’re already suckling from the government teat? Besides, another child guarantees an extension on certain benefits they’ll receive as career welfare recipients.

Muslim Refugees Get $6k/Month In Welfare, Want You To Pay For Something Else
Europe is finding that the vast majority of refugees either will not or cannot work, even after completing a 6-month integration program.

Perhaps the most sickening part of their demand for this medical treatment is that there are countless hard-working citizens who have never been able to have a child of their own, and they would love to have free or discounted IVF. However, because they are independent from the government and pay into these benefits, they are unable to afford such a luxury, much less a 10th child like the aforementioned couple.

Furthermore, this Afghan couple represents the majority of Muslim migrants to the West. Politiken reports that in Denmark alone, only 2 percent of Syrian refugees and 4.4 percent of Afghani refugees were found to be job ready after spending at least 6 months in an integration program by public services. None of the refugees from Ethiopia, Sudan, or Pakistan were found to be job appropriate after completing the taxpayer-funded program.

The West is not only importing en masse people who will never contribute to society yet are willing to exploit their hosts’ generosity, but they are demanding Sharia law, halal foods, and acceptance of their misogynistic values while on the dole. They hate our culture, country, and laws, but they certainly love our glorious benefits.

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