After Muslim Refuses To Remove Veil At Pub, Manager Delivers Nasty Surprise

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After Muslim Refuses To Remove Veil At Pub, Manager Delivers Nasty Surprise
When a Muslim woman was more concerned with adhering to her faith than the safety of others, Seekrug Pub landlord and manager Christian Schulz decided to “help” her better adhere to Sharia.

A pub manager was waiting on customers on an unusually busy night when a veiled Muslim with only her eyes showing demanded to be served next. The manager instantly told her she would have to show her face if he was going to serve her. However, when she refused and said her “faith requires it,” he immediately served her something she never saw coming.

Christian Schulz is not only the manager of Seekrug Pub in Bielefeld, Germany, he’s also the landlord. Fortunately, this gives him the option of making and enforcing the rules for his business and personal property. Apparently, one of those stipulations is that customers need to have their faces uncovered so he can identify them — a smart rule for any business, especially a busy pub.

As Schulz was serving up liquor to more than 1,000 patrons during the local Festival of Light, a Muslim woman approached him and began placing an order. Before she could conclude, Schulz interrupted and asked her to remove her niqab, which showed only her eyes, so that he could better communicate with her. As expected, she wasn’t about to conform to Western customs over her foreign Sharia law.

Understanding that she wasn’t going to reveal her identity, which would be crucial for the serving of alcohol or in the event of a crime, Schulz told her he wasn’t about to serve someone he couldn’t see. The Muslim responded “insultingly” and again refused to comply, to which Schulz wasted no time in kicking her out of his pub, according to the Metro.

After Muslim Refuses To Remove Veil At Pub, Manager Delivers Nasty Surprise
The Muslim was dressed entirely in black and was wearing a niqab, dangerously concealing their identity.

“She was dressed entirely in black and completely covered up. You could only see her eyes,” Schulz told Westfalen Blatt newspaper. “I know that many of our customers get a queasy feeling around fully veiled women.”

Schulz added that when he asked her to remove it, she said, “You must have a textile allergy. I’ll keep the veil on. My faith requires it.”

Since the Muslim was so adamant about adhering to her religious beliefs, Schulz made it easier for her to follow them by forcing her out. In fact, if she was truly following her religious requirements, she wouldn’t have been ordering at a pub, where forbidden alcohol and most likely pork products are “tainting” the commodities.

After Muslim Refuses To Remove Veil At Pub, Manager Delivers Nasty Surprise
After already going against her faith by cavorting at the alcohol and possibly pork-serving Seekrug Pub (pictured) without a male escort, it’s clear that the Muslim woman was only trying to start trouble.

In addition, according to her religion and its associated laws, a Muslim woman shouldn’t even be in public without a male relative to escort her nor should she be in contact with a man who isn’t her husband. Of course, this woman wasn’t really strictly adhering to her faith. She was cherry picking which customs she wanted to follow. Unfortunately for Schulz, they just happened to be the ones that force everyone else to deal with the risk while the follower refuses to assimilate.

Like clockwork, the Muslim woman immediately gathered her Islamic supremacist friends to attack Schulz, most likely hoping to initiate violence or perhaps a frivolous lawsuit against the German pub owner.

Just hours after she was forced to leave, the woman and her friends inundated Schulz’s Facebook business page with hateful comments and reviews, calling the owner “racist” and “Hitler’s successor,” the Express reports.

What’s ironic about these insults is that Schulz couldn’t possibly know what race the woman is, since she was concealing it with her niqab, and Islam isn’t a race but a religious belief. In fact, if the woman converted from Islam, the choice wouldn’t change her ethnicity or skin color.

The second irony is that Hitler was a major fan of Islam and garnered the support of major Muslim nations while he committed genocide. Hitler even expressed his admiration of Islam and their prophet Muhammad, comparing his own racist and inhumane ambitions to that of the warlord Messenger of Allah.

The West is seeing a rise in Muslim migration and an equally increasing refusal to assimilate. Likewise, these rude invaders demand we tolerate and even conform to their customs, religious beliefs, and laws. Luckily, there are still some who, like this pub owner, refuse to allow our free society bow to an intolerant, oppressive foreign ideology.

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