Muslim Repays Cancer Doctors Who Treat Her With Nasty ‘Gift’ Under Burqa

Evil Muslim Repays Cancer Docs Who Treat Her With Nasty 'Gift' Under Burqa
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When a Muslim cancer patient arrived at a hospital, the non-Muslim medical staff graciously welcomed her in for a revolutionary treatment. However, as soon as doctors approved her for the remedy that would save her life, she decided to repay them by using a heinous surprise that was hidden under her burqa.

In the Quran, it states that Muslims who fight against the unbelievers are to be rewarded in eternity while those who choose not to wage war will forfeit their prize. Although the Western world believes that it can miraculously reverse 1,400 years of jihad, it is the most tolerant individuals who find themselves at the mercy of devout Muslims who are compelled to obey their religious commands regardless of the hospitality they receive from non-Muslims.

Israel generously offers state-of-the-art medical treatment to Palestinian Muslims, even going as far as treating jihadists in the same hospitals in which their Jewish victims are recovering. Civil to a fault, Israel receives no praise for its generosity but is scorned through liberal propaganda that paints the democracy as an oppressive apartheid state. Disturbingly, Arab Muslim settlers have found that this support allows them to get away with even the most heinous anti-Semitic crimes without fear of condemnation from the West.

Hailed for its world-renowned medical technology, Israel welcomed in 2 Palestinian Muslim sisters from the Gaza Strip so that one could receive life-saving cancer treatment in Shin Bet. When they arrived at the Erez Crossing on their way to the hospital, local security discovered that the women had a sickening gift to repay the doctors who were about to help them. Hidden in their luggage were explosives deceptively labeled “medical materials.” The Muslim sisters had disguised themselves in their Islamic garb in order to pass themselves off as medical supply transporters but were fortunately thwarted by officers.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports that the women were delivering homemade bombs which consisted of explosive material hidden in tubes disguised as medicine on Wednesday. Although one of the women had been granted approval for life-saving cancer treatment, she opted to instead slaughter Jews for Islam, proving just how rampant religious hatred runs in the Muslim community.

“To our regret, it has been proven again that Gaza Strip-based terrorists are continuing their efforts to exploit the humanitarian channel in order to carry out attacks in Israel,” Defense Ministry Crossing Authority Director Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Kamil Abu Rokon said in a statement. “The security inspectors acted exactly as expected, with exemplary professionalism.”

Of course, the women hadn’t concocted the stealthy terror plot on their own. The Shin Bet security force confirmed that the explosives were issued to them by Hamas to be used in a series of terror attacks on Israeli civilians in the “near future.”

The incident “attests to the ongoing efforts by terrorist organizations based in the Gaza Strip, especially Hamas, to exploit Israel’s humanitarian initiatives and the medical assistance that it provides to residents of the Gaza Strip, in order to perpetrate attacks in Israel,” the Shin Bet said.

The Jerusalem Post reports that it’s not uncommon for Palestinians to use their special permits to visit Israel for nefarious purposes. In June 2016, Israeli forces prevented 65-year-old Faiz Atar from smuggling tens of thousands of dollars out of Israel to give to Hamas. This money would go to funding terrorism against Jewish civilians.

Aside from funding terrorist attacks, Hamas encourages Palestinians to kill Israelis with promises of financial support to the families of jihadists. This includes using millions of dollars given by Western governments like the Barack Obama administration to fund the relatives of citizens who slaughter non-Muslims.

According to Palestinian Media Watch, Palestinians convicted of non-terror-related crimes do not receive financial support but those who are successful in or at least attempt to kill Israeli citizens are given monthly salaries. If they die in the process or are captured by Israeli forces, they are hailed as martyrs by both the government and community.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) transfers a whopping $1.3 billion to Gaza each year, $82 million of which goes directly to jihadists and their families. Sickeningly, Obama gave $221 million to the PA just as he left office in January 2017, knowing that it would go to fund these terrorists. Although the incoming Donald Trump administration tried to intercept the payment, it had already reached the hands of terrorist Hamas.

No matter which country, Islam is the same all around the world. Every Quran commands Muslims to slaughter unbelievers “until there is no more disbelief and the religion, all of it, is for Allah.” Sadly, there are those who still believe that tolerance and kindness can defeat the ingrained religious beliefs of the world’s deadliest religion.

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