Muslim Rioter Prepares To Throw Explosive At Soldiers, Finds Out God Has Other Plans

Mohammed Abu Halima was preparing to slingshot a deadly explosive at a group of unsuspecting soldiers when he suddenly realized that his enemies’ God had another plan in mind.

Muslim Rioter Prepares To Throw Explosive At Soldiers, Finds Out God Has Other Plans
While attempting to attack Israeli soldiers with a grenade, Mohammed Abu Halima (left) made a critical mistake. (Photo credit: Twitter)

Despite the messenger of Allah’s many barbarities, his most zealous assignment was to extort the believers to fight until the Jews are eradicated from the face of the earth. This genocidal mission was the critical component of Muhammad’s final command before his untimely death, which was ironically at the hands of one of his Jewish slaves.

According to the Quran and hadith, Allah will not fulfill his promise of the “Last Day” until every last Jew is killed. In fact, Muhammad preached that the stones will one day cry out that “there is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.” This passage and the countless scriptures containing virulent anti-Jewish themes is the main reason that Palestinians have relentlessly waged war against Israel, even resorting to slaughtering innocent Jewish families in their beds. Of course, Allah’s command to destroy one of the most technologically superior and resilient ethnicities in history isn’t going to happen as long as their hatred outweighs basic common sense.

On July 6, approximately 3,000 Muslim Palestinians once again attacked Israeli Defense Forces at the Karni border crossing in northern Gaza in an effort to illegally enter and murder Israeli citizens at the incitement of Hamas. Unable to get past patrolling IDF troops, jihadists relied on terrorist tactics to assail and provoke Israeli soldiers. Unfortunately for them, the biggest obstacle in fighting their religious enemies is none other than their own apoplectic derangement.

While preparing to hurl a grenade from his slingshot at IDF soldiers, 22-year-old Palestinian jihadist Mohammed Abu Halima accidentally prematurely detonated his explosive, blowing up himself and several of his fellow Muslim terrorists right in front of their unscathed enemies. Ynet News reports that Halima was killed immediately from the blast while several others were seriously wounded in the riot just east of Gaza City.

“The explosive device went off within the Gaza Strip and injured several Palestinians,” the army said in a statement. “No injuries to IDF soldiers were reported.”

Video of the explosion was shared on social media along with photos of Halima before and after his fatal mistake.

Rioters can be heard exclaiming “Allahu akbar” as they carry off their wounded, and the videographer passionately refers to them as “mujahideen,” which means jihadists.

A fellow terrorist who witnessed the explosion confirmed that Halima had activated the grenade before placing it in his slingshot and preparing to hurl it over the security fence, according to Behind The News. He said that it prematurely detonated, although further details were not given. No IDF soldiers were reported injured.

The IDF said that “a number of terrorists attempted to approach the security fence with the intention of hurling an explosive device at IDF soldiers adjacent to the Karni crossing in the northern Gaza Strip”.

Unsurprisingly, Halima was hailed as a martyr for dying while trying to kill Israelis. His body was carried through the streets of Gaza and a band depicting dedication to terrorist organization Hamas adorned his forehead.

Thousands of Muslims have taken to the borders in weekly riots after Friday prayers at local mosques. The worshippers are incited by the imams to attack Israeli forces by using stones, Molotovs, grenades, and firebombs strapped to kites and balloons. Nearly 100 acres of fields and forests have reportedly been destroyed with the ultimate goal being to infiltrate the border and kill Jewish civilians.

Hundreds of Muslim terrorists have been injured in the riots over the last few weeks. Over 400 jihadists were reportedly wounded in the July 6 riots alone, most from tear gas and 50 from defensive gunfire. As of last weekend, 139 terrorists were neutralized by IDF troops defending the border from invasion.

“The IDF is prepared for several scenarios and ready to defend the citizens of the State of Israel and its sovereignty,” the army said in a statement.

“The Hamas terror organization is using different measures to carry out terror attacks during the violent rioting. The Hamas terrorists take advantage of the crowds and under the cover of the protests operate and endanger the residents of the strip, turning them into a cover for terrorism,” the IDF said.

After 100 days of incited riots at the Israeli border, Palestinians are beginning to realize that Hamas is using them as an expendable commodity for their anti-Semitic propaganda machine. According to the Palestinian Center of Policy and Survey Research, 74 percent of Palestinians believe the riots are ineffective and 61 percent believe Hamas is responsible for the “inflation and organization” of the riots.

Islam is undeniably the most violent and oppressive major religion in the world, demanding the indisputable eradication of all other ideologies. Unfortunately for its followers, its emphasis on racial and religious hatred has allowed no room for the technological advances to be able to accomplish this genocidal feat.

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