Muslim Thugs Hurl Rocks At Car, Realize They Messed With The Wrong Infidel

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When an innocent father was driving home from the grocery store, a group of Middle Eastern men surrounded his vehicle and began hurling rocks at his windows. However, the thugs quickly realized they had picked the wrong man to attack with their primitive weapons of choice.

After a group of 200 Palestinian Muslims attacked an Israeli’s car with concrete in order to lynch him, they quickly regretted their decision. (Photo source: The Jerusalem Post)

Because Israel is the only non-Muslim nation in the Middle East, it remains the only democracy as well. Since the Quran commands racial and religious hatred against the Jews, Muslims frequently infiltrate Israeli neighborhoods to attack their most despised “enemy.” Thanks to the left’s perpetuation of Palestinian propaganda, these terrorists are hailed as freedom fighters when they succeed and innocent victims when they fail. Luckily for the last Jewish state in the world, they fail miserably a majority of the time.

Relying on the same primitive method they’ve used to murder women and children for centuries, a group of around 200 Arab Muslims was prowling the streets of Hawara when they spotted a rare sighting — a Jewish man in their neighborhood. The father-of-eight was driving home from the market when the Palestinians blocked his vehicle and began smashing it with chunks of concrete, hoping to murder the driver simply because of his religion and nationality.

After smashing the windshield, the Muslim thugs were just about to slaughter their captive when they realized they had brought stones to a literal gunfight. The driver brandished his firearm, meeting their medieval stoning with his trusty pistol, firing at least 3 shots into the crowd of ruthless jihadists.

The Jerusalem Post reports that the driver saved his own life, killing a 23-year-old jihadist named Muataz Bani Shamsah and wounding Palestinian propaganda journalist Majdi Shtayyeh.

Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council, said he spoke with the driver, who told him “he pulled his gun out to defend himself, in order to stop them from lynching him. He fired.”

“We are investigating the incident,” an IDF spokesman said. “What we know right now is that the Israeli civilian, whose car was targeted by the Palestinian throwing rocks, said he fired into the air out of fear for his life.”

Muslim Thugs Hurl Rocks At Car, Realize They Messed With The Wrong Infidel
Despite only suffering a hand injury (left), Palestinian journalist Majdi Shtayyeh played up the propaganda by posing for the camera with 2 men carrying him (right). (Photo source: The Jerusalem Post)

Like clockwork, the Palestinians immediately twisted the report, claiming that an innocent Palestinian “youth” had been gunned down in cold blood by an evil Israeli for no apparent reason. Luckily, the Samaria Regional Council released uncut footage of the event, proving that the man acted in self-defense against hundreds of violent Muslims who wished to murder him. The crowd’s shouts of “Allahu Akbar!” turn from celebratory praise of potential Jew-slaughter to cries of fear at the sight of their victim fighting back.

Disgustingly, the Middle East Monitor published blatant lies, reporting that Palestinians were gunned down at a “peaceful march to support Palestinian prisoners who are on hunger strike in Israeli jails.” They ignore both video footage that showed said prisoners breaking their strikes by secretly eating in their cells and clips proving that the march was a violent riot with 200 Palestinian thugs against one Israeli. They even stated that their sources confirmed that they “did not witness any confrontations before the shooting at the peaceful march.” Of course, they produced none of the videos taken of the event since it would destroy their fake news story.

Israel is constantly demonized by their enemies. Although Israel is the only country in which religious minorities are allowed to serve in government, vote, and live without discriminatory religious laws, they are accused of human rights violations while its neighboring Muslim countries commit genocide against non-Muslims.

It’s time for the liberal mainstream to stop publishing propaganda that paints these Muslim jihadists as victims and recognize that Israel is the only country in the Middle East that not only loves America but shares the same freedoms, values, and Islamic enemies.

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