Muslim Demands Romanians Stop Drinking For His Religion, Instantly Regrets It

Entitled Muslim Tries To Take Away Romanians' Alcohol, Immediately Regrets It
A Muslim barber decided he was going to force a group of Romanians to give up alcohol in accordance with Sharia. He soon realized he made a huge mistake.

A Muslim barber approached a group of 10 Romanian men, demanding that they stop drinking alcohol because it is against his religion. However, as soon as he returned to his shop, the entitled Muslim realized that attempting to force a group of Romanians to adhere to Sharia law isn’t the best idea.

After a year of being harassed by a Muslim shop owner in Luton, Britain, a group of Romanians finally had enough when the Islamic zealot ultimately demanded that they stop drinking alcohol near his business. Unfortunately for him, they weren’t about to comply with his personal beliefs in order to appease a man refusing to assimilate.

Mohammad Abbas-Khan, 23, has been harassing a group of locals, trying to intimidate them into giving up alcohol in the heavily populated Muslim neighborhood. On Sunday, Abbas-Khan again confronted the men, demanding that they leave. It was then that the fed-up Romanians took matters into their own hands.

The Daily Mail reports that after Abbas-Khan started a heated argument with one Romanian man, ultimately leading to the men shoving each other until Abbas-Khan drove him off, the man then returned with a group of around 15 friends armed with baseball bats and sticks.

Entitled Muslim Tries To Take Away Romanians' Alcohol, Immediately Regrets It
The Romanian man returned with a group of 15 people and smashed up the shop with baseball bats and sticks.

The angry Romanians stormed Abbas-Khan’s Five Star Barbers, smashing up the front window and beating the owner and his Muslim patrons for demanding they adhere to Sharia. Abbas-Khan claims that one Muslim was beaten so badly he received a head injury and has trouble moving his arm.

What the one-sided Daily Mail article doesn’t question is how the shop owner’s story isn’t quite adding up. Since the Daily Mail only sought the story from Abbas-Khan’s side, we are forced to speculate solely from his statement.

“It’s been over a year now and it’s just getting worse and worse. I’ve contacted the police and the council several times, we’ve had so many meetings but they don’t listen,” Abbas-Khan told the Mail Online.

Entitled Muslim Tries To Take Away Romanians' Alcohol, Immediately Regrets It
Typically, it is patrols of Muslim Sharia enforcers who are terrorizing locals and preventing police from even entering the neighborhood.

First, Abbas-Khan admits that he continued to try to force the men to give up something completely legal for over a year. That sounds undeniably like harassment. In fact, even the police saw no problem with the men drinking alcohol because that’s not illegal in Luton.

“Every day they park in the car park, they sit on the wall, they drink, they smoke, they cause problems,” Abbas-Khan continued. “I have to look at this outside my shop every single day.”

Again, sitting, drinking, and smoking outside are not illegal. As for them causing “problems,” if they were legitimately illegal problems, why doesn’t Abbas-Khan explain what they were doing? Why does he only reference their drinking and smoking? This is because those simple habits are illegal under Sharia law.

Lastly, Abbas-Khan states that “Romanians are very intimidating.” The same xenophobia that Muslims claim we exhibit over their fundamentally violent beliefs is openly used by them to seem like the victims. While violence against these entitled migrants wasn’t the answer, the Muslim community seems to have no problem with their own rape, intimidation, and violence used to stamp out Western culture.

However, this isn’t Saudi Arabia or some other Islamic state. These men are in the UK in a Muslim neighborhood that’s used to operating under Sharia. They’re accustomed to getting their way through intimidation tactics and violence, which is probably why they find it inconceivable that not only would a group of European men not obey their commands but would ultimately fight back.

Of course, Luton is known for Sharia patrols, which regularly defy local police, demand Sharia law, and commit all kinds of violence and damage, promising to make Britain Islamic. Perhaps the city needs more Romanians to force these Sharia enforcers to stop terrorizing the few non-Muslims left there.

Muslims are just as good at playing the victims as they are at keeping silent in the wake of Islamic onslaught. They push us to give up our culture, freedoms, and personal beliefs to adhere to their own misogynistic, barbaric religious laws.

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