Muslim Pupils Take Over School To Pray, Principal Has PERFECT Announcement

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When a group of devoutly religious students began attending a public high school, they quickly took over class time with distracting prayer sessions and religious foot washing requirements. However, just when this minority group thought they’d forced the school into submission, the principal made the most brilliant announcement.

When Muslim students (right) at Germany’s Johannes Rau Gymnasium took over class time for provocative prayers and ritual foot washing, headmistress Christiane Genschel (left) quickly responded with a brilliant announcement letter. (Photo Source: Ganztags Gymnasium Johannes Rau, Der Westen)

When non-Muslims move to a Muslim country, they are forced to submit to Islamic laws that infringe upon their religious beliefs. When Muslims move to non-Muslims countries, they demand our tolerance for their every religious requirement, even when it impedes upon our own beliefs and freedoms. Fortunately, one school in Wuppertal, Germany, quickly put a stop to the Islamization of their classrooms.

German newspaper Der Westen reports that after Muslim students began loudly praying in large groups and washing their feet and other extremities on the property during class hours, the principal took swift, politically incorrect action. Headmistress Christiane Genschel sent out a letter to every student at Johannes Rau Gymnasium, announcing that “provocative” and “visible” prayer and “ablution,” the ritual Muslim washing, is immediately banned on school grounds.

After Muslim students repeatedly disrupted class and forced non-Muslim classmates to endure their public religious displays and unsanitary ritual cleansing, headmistress Genschel typed up an official statement which declared that because Muslim students have forced their religious demands on the school, they will be prohibited from such activities until they leave school property, according to Daily Mail.

“In recent weeks it has been seen that Muslim schoolchildren are visibly praying, signaled by ritual ablutions in the toilets, the rolling out of prayer rugs and the taking of appropriate body postures. This is not permitted,” the letter states.

Muslim Pupils Take Over School To Pray, Principal Has PERFECT Announcement
Headmistress Genschel’s announcement letter offended Muslim students, who claimed their religious rights were being denied. (Photo Source: Daily Mail)

Teachers were asked to promptly report any cases of Muslims bowing and reciting prayers aloud or bathing in the sinks. The ban came about after students reported feeling “uncomfortable” at the daily rituals, as classmates of all other religions have peacefully kept their beliefs to themselves. Incredibly, the typically left-leaning government has taken sides with the school, agreeing that religious practices should be left at home.

After a ruling in 2011 by the Federal Administrative Court, a Muslim high school student in Berlin was informed that they will not be allowed to pray in school because it would “damage the peace of the school.” During this ruling, the court confirmed that the Muslim’s individual rights do not trump his classmates’ right to peace.

“The prohibition of prayer in a provocative way in public schools is to promote peaceful coexistence and secure the peace of the school,” said Dagmar Gross, spokeswoman for the local government in Düsseldorf.

In response to Genschel’s announcement, the district government fully supported her actions, adding that female Muslim students will also be required to take part in mandatory co-ed swimming lessons, regardless of their demand for gender segregation.

“The head teacher has the opportunity to do this within the framework of house law,” the authority said. “The constitutional commandment of the functioning of the school enterprise and of the educational task, Art 5 Basic Law, presupposes freedom of religious freedom. This is quite similar to the teaching of swimming. Here, too, Muslim schoolgirls would have to take part – even if this was a violation of possible religious habits.”

The school’s decision is reminiscent of a Swiss school’s decision to force Muslim students to participate in the state required swimming lessons. The female Muslim students involved in the lawsuit demanded to be exempt from the class unless there was Sharia-compliant gender segregation. Unfortunately for them, the federal court not only ruled in favor of the school but informed the students that because they refused to integrate, their citizenship applications were being denied.

“The 12 and 14-year-old will no longer be considered for naturalized citizenship because they refused to comply with the school curriculum,” officials said.

Muslims pass up more than 50 Islamic countries in which they could freely practice Sharia law only to flock to Western nations and demand that we implement it there. Instead of accusing intolerant religious zealots of bigotry, the left condemns those of us who refuse to submit to Islam, which is not only unable to coexist with any other religion, culture, or law, it must take over and annihilate all others.

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