Muslim Man Stabs Teen Girl 100 Times After She Answers His Simple Question

Muslim Man Stabs Teen Girl 100 Times After She Answers His Simple Question
Jamiv Usman, 32, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for stabbing his 19-year-old ex-girlfriend over 100 times because she denied his simple request.

A Muslim man stabbed a teen girl over 100 times, using such force that he broke the tip of the 8-inch blade off in her neck. After he left her for dead, however, the bloody victim managed to drag herself to a local bus stop where she told the driver the horrifying question that had prompted the gory attack.

Police encountered a gut-wrenching scene when a courageous stabbing victim miraculously hobbled to safety after her lover left her for dead in a literal pool of blood. Brighton & Hove News reports that Jamiv Usman, 32, was upset with then-girlfriend Shanon Reynolds for expressing her desire for him to leave her apartment just days earlier in March 2015.

Reynolds, the mother of a 2-year-old boy, was fed up with Usman’s behavior and his refusal to get a job. So, the young woman requested that he move out of their Brighton home in the UK. Instead of packing his things, Usman made one last request that would soon precipitate his deadly attack.

Reynolds told authorities that Usman went into a rage when he asked her if she would get him a drink of water, which she refused to do. It was then that Usman grabbed an 8-inch kitchen knife and proceeded to stab Reynolds over 100 times in front of her toddler. Usman stabbed Reynolds with such force that the end of the knife snapped off in her neck.

The brave teen played dead, a move that police say saved her life. Thinking he had killed her, Usman fled the scene, allowing Reynolds to unbelievably crawl to a nearby bus and alert the driver to call the police. Luckily, Reynolds’ son escaped unharmed and was found by a concerned neighbor soon after.

Muslim Man Stabs Teen Girl 100 Times After She Answers His Simple Question
Over a year later, Shanon Reynolds, now 21, looks as if she escaped unscathed. The courageous young woman willed herself to live to see her attacker sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Paramedics managed to save Reynolds, who has made a full recovery after more than a year. After suffering 2 punctured lungs and gashes that required 500 stitches, the now-21-year-old woman looks as if she had escaped without a scratch.

Remarkably, she has lived not only to identify her attacker but also to see him locked away where he belongs. The Mirror reports that 32-year-old Usman was sentenced Friday to 20 years in prison after the Lewes Crown Court found him guilty of attempted murder on July 20.

“This was a horrific unprovoked attack on the victim who had to fight for her life in front of her child who was just two. It is a miracle she survived,” Detective Inspector Andy Wolstenholme of Sussex Police said. “The last 16 months for her have been very difficult but she has been recovering slowly and has demonstrated great courage at the time of the attack, as well giving evidence during the trial. She has been very supportive of our investigation. She is an inspiration.”

Although 20 years still doesn’t seem like a good enough punishment for this thug, his sentence is much more than most Muslims or migrants typically get for such heinous crimes.

A Swedish judge freed a 47-year-old migrant who repeatedly abused and tried to kill his wife by setting her on fire because “he admitted the alleged facts.” Unfortunately, the only requirement is that the man agrees to stay away from his family home and wife.

After Sajid Hussain allegedly fell asleep while driving, striking and killing a father-of-8, the British judge gave him community service and an 8-month suspended sentence because he seemed remorseful. Hussain had been fasting all day, every day in the month of Ramadan before irresponsibly getting behind the wheel and passing out from fatigue and hunger.

Another Swedish court freed an 18-year old Somali migrant after he blamed his rape of a 12-year-old girl on “some trouble with anxiety and sleep problems. Guled Muhamud brutally beat and raped the child, causing internal bleeding. However, the court released him with just 180 hours of community service.

If you’re a Muslim or asylum seeker, you can commit the most unspeakable offenses and still walk free. This sickening display of appeasement is not only creating a society in which the most brutal cultures reign supreme, it’s inevitably making victims of millions of civilians.

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