Muslim Students Screw US Taxpayers, Get ‘Free Service’ Not For Americans

A stock image of Muslim students (left), American college students for Trump (right)

Liberal college students have been busy demanding various social justice initiatives, and with the far leftists, it’s always paid for by the taxpayers. Interestingly, one demand made by Muslim students was to be kept a secret, a special service only for them. You’ll be pissed off when you learn what this special service is and how it’s always the other American students who get screwed.

Campus Reform is reporting that “Concerned Students” at Luther College in Minnesota has issued demands for various social justice initiatives, including a free bi-monthly special service only for Muslims. If you’re confused, so are most people when they learn about these ridiculous plans thought up by the snowflake crowd who see Muslim students in the United States as suffering great injustices and certain Muslim students who feel they are entitled to special treatment.

“In an open letter published by the Luther College Chips student newspaper last week, the obtrusively-named ‘Concerned Students of the Luther College Community Action Plans to Uphold the Luther College Mission Statement’ outlines 19 actions that its members believe will ‘maximize the well-being of all students,'” reports Campus Reform.

“Concerned Students” include the usual demands made by the liberal loons these days which are commonly made by students at other schools, such as gender-neutral restrooms, hiring “more faculty and staff of color,” and establishing “a comprehensive racial and ethnic awareness and inclusion curriculum.”

But, then comes the kicker, this nutty, free ride to a certain mosque only for Muslims. “Establish and fund a bi-monthly shuttle service for students to visit the Masjed Abubakr Al-Siddiq in Rochester, MN, free of charge,” states one such request, referring to a mosque that is located an hour and a half away from campus.

This comes on the heels of a story in late March at Columbia University where Muslim students are demanding a full-time religious advisor and a permanent prayer space accessible during academic breaks. But, these idiots are playing with fire also, screaming about having Muslims who not enrolled at Columbia having access to this special prayer space. Obviously, this invites a whole host of problems for student safety.

They know that. They know that by demanding outside Muslims, who are not enrolled, being granted access to the campus, a perfect place for a terrorist attack, is risking everyone’s life. That’s what they want people with common sense to say, so they can call us racists and Islamophobes.

When will this end? It’s time to assimilate into American culture. It’s time to be treated like all other students in this country. It’s time to stop screwing the American taxpayers who pay for all these special services. A huge part of this problem is the nutjobs liberals who are being played by certain Muslims who feel entitled and, even worse, by those who are radicalized and looking to do us harm.

No more special prayer rooms or special bus rides; President Donald Trump was elected to stop this nonsense and bring back good old fashion American common sense. If they don’t like it, no one is making them stay. They can become real Americans or go back to their real homes.

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