Muslim Sues Conservative Landlady For Islamophobia, Judge Makes Her Regret It

A Muslim woman filed a $1.2-million lawsuit against a conservative landlady for “Islamophobia” when she was suddenly evicted. However, as soon as she heard the judge’s 6 words, she instantly regretted ever taking the landlady to court.

Muslim Sues Conservative Landlady For Islamophobia, Judge's 6 Words Make Her Regret It
After filing a massive lawsuit against conservative chairwoman and landlady MaryLou Shanahan (right), Muslim tenant Hasna Jalal (left) is finally getting her due penance. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via PIX11, Facebook)

Although the Muslim world is notorious for over a millennium of global brutality, conquest, and oppression, their religious duty to wage jihad against the unbelievers comes in many other forms. In fact, Westernized Muslims have discovered that legal jihad is often the most effective way to not only portray Muslims as an oppressed minority but also to subdue the infidels.

Since the September 11 attacks, American Muslims have given rise to a hate crime hoax epidemic. Muslims can simply claim that they have been victimized and have the alleged perpetrator convicted in the court of public opinion. Disturbingly, the mainstream media often circulate the original claim but fail to report when it is discovered to be a hoax. This effectually leaves the majority of Americans ignorantly believing that Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate crimes are skyrocketing.

One such jihadist decided to do exactly this after she was abruptly evicted by her landlady, who also happened to be the former chair of the Staten Island Conservative Party. In the frivolous 2016 lawsuit, 33-year-old Moroccan tenant Hasna Jalal claimed that landlady MaryLou Shanahan had evicted her and stolen numerous luxury items from her apartment, targeting her because of her racial and religious background. For her suffering, Jalal demanded $1.2 million. What she received instead is no less than sweet justice.

According to, not only did District Judge Carol Bagley Amon deny every penny of Hasna Jalal’s $1.2 million demand, the court has now ordered her to pay her conservative landlady $16,570 for “fraudulent inducement, slander, and property damage.” On July 30, a special prosecutor dropped all criminal and misdemeanor charges against 55-year-old MaryLou Shanahan and upheld her counter-lawsuit against Jalal for attempting to destroy her reputation, business, and personal property.

Shortly after the jury trial adjourned, Shanahan’s criminal defense lawyer, Joseph Sorrentino, explained the seriousness of the false charges brought against his client.

“We presented voluminous evidence of the unreliability and lack of veracity of the complainant,” Sorrentino said.

Because of Jalal’s accusations, Shanahan was arrested on October 4, 2015. She was charged with the theft of her tenant’s property, including televisions, furniture, appliances, a bed, and multiple designer accessories. Jalal claimed that Shanahan had stolen a $35,000 Rolex watch, a $35,000 Hermes purse, a $15,000 necklace, an $8,000 Louis Vuitton luggage set, and several televisions worth a total of $6,000. All of her claims turned out to be false.

“This case should never have been brought,” said Sorrentino. “It’s my opinion the authorities, particularly the New York City Police Department, took the path of least resistance and they arrested the law-abiding, hard-working, tax-paying landlord because the tenant was playing the race/ethnicity card, and she alleged she was being victimized by the landlord because she’s a Muslim. Nothing could have been further from the truth. The only victim here was Ms. Shanahan.”

According to PIX11, Jalal falsely asserted that Shanahan had knocked on her door just one week after she began renting the third-floor apartment, stating that she shouldn’t speak in her native language because it would terrify the other tenants.

“She told me I can’t speak Arabic in the house, “ Jalal claimed. “I was scaring the neighbors, they’re going to think you’re from Al Qaeda. They will think you’re a terrorist.”

Jalal said she closed the door on the homeowner and within five minutes, she recalled Shanahan came back and “She said, ‘You know, I don’t think this is going to work out.’”

Jalal said that started a series of increasingly tense encounters, accusing Shanahan, at one point, of “calling me a nasty, Arab pig.”

Jalal claimed that she returned to the apartment on October 4 to discover that “everything was gone.” Unfortunately, NYPD officers were called to the scene with enough witness testimony to arrest Shanahan for Grand Larceny and Petit Larceny, despite the fact that she was innocent.

Jalal then filed a lawsuit against Shanahan, claiming that she had stolen over $400,000 worth of luxury items. Of course, investigators only needed to look at Jalal’s criminal record to find that there was something suspicious about her allegations.

Along with falsely accusing a previous housekeeper of stealing a diamond bracelet, Jalal has a history of criminal behavior. In 2012, Jalal was arrested for shoplifting in Arizona but denies that she intentionally took the property. She is also currently in an ugly custody battle over her 1-year-old daughter and has been arrested twice for domestic disputes with the child’s father.

The anti-Muslim hate crime hoax epidemic is fooling the ignorant into believing that Muslims are disproportionately victimized. It’s time we start holding the media accountable for circulating such propaganda and demand that the courts hold these perpetrators responsible for destroying the lives of innocent individuals.

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