Entitled Muslim Won’t Take Off Niqab For Job, Quickly Regrets Her Decision

Entitled Muslim Won’t Take Off Niqab For Job, Quickly Regrets Her Decision
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A woman was in for more than she bargained after leaving the Middle East when she was required to get a job in her new home country. Unwilling to take off her niqab, an Islamic garment covering the face, to get the position, she was almost immediately regretting her decision after what happened next.

Like so many other “helpless” refugees leaving their home countries that are war-torn because of their own religion, a Muslim woman who made her way to the Netherlands is showing the world exactly what’s wrong with what so-called “refugees” are doing. Although the woman said she moved there hoping for a better life, she wasn’t willing to sacrifice the very thing that “forced” her to leave her home in the first place — the oppressive laws of her “religion.”

While people have the freedom of religion in the Netherlands, there are things that take precedence to practicing in the way that many Muslim women do. As we all know, several Muslim women wear what is called a niqab, which is an extreme form of Islamic dress for women which obscures the face almost entirely, leaving only a narrow slit for the eyes.

As it turns out, the civilized country does offer handouts to refugees, but the money comes with a few stipulations, like actively trying to gain employment. According to Breitbart, the “Muslim woman’s benefits were cut by 30 per cent in the Netherlands after she refused to remove her niqab to help her secure a job.”

The courts ruled that the Utrecht City Council was within its rights when it reduced the woman’s handouts, and they put the blame where it should be – on the woman who wore the veil, knowing it would reduce her chances of finding gainful employment.

“An uncovered face plays an important role in the contact between people and is essential in finding work,” the court ruling reads, according to Dutch News. Unfortunately, the woman has shown the very problem with Islam when it comes to Muslim refugees migrating to civilized lands.

It’s no mystery that Muslims, in particular, have a very hard time assimilating. As their culture is stuck in the 7th century, most simply refuse to give up the barbaric practices that caused them to flee from their homelands in the beginning.

But, that’s not even the worst part. As it turns out, the Muslim woman in question has since moved to Britain, thanks to EU freedom of movement, where she is hoping to get the full amount of benefits she was once receiving. The sad part is, she’ll probably get it – but it’s only because liberal morons don’t seem to see the issue. The fact of the matter here is that this woman doesn’t want to work. She wants free money, and it’s really that simple.

She doesn’t want to take off the veil because she knows there’s a very real chance that she’ll get a job and have to go to work every day. Instead, she keeps it on while claiming religious freedom, knowing full well that she’ll still get paid – only this way, all that’s required is for her to sit on the couch all day rather than put forth the effort. But, it’s worse than just laziness. It’s jihad through welfare — burdening the economy of the Western countries that take them in, in hopes of bringing the nation to its knees, just as the Quran commands.

At this point, the Muslims that came from the Middle East shouldn’t be referred to as “refugees,” but rather what they are – freeloaders and invaders. If you want to come to a land for a better life, you better be willing to work for it and you better be willing to abide by the rules that make the country so much greater than where you came from. The problem is, a better life isn’t their end goal. A worldwide Islamic Caliphate is, and there are more ways to wage jihad than by the sword.

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