‘Muslim Extremist’ Vows Takeover On Plane Mid-Air, Ex-Cop Cuts His Plans Short

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In the middle of a flight, a crazed man stood up and began screaming about jihad on a packed plane of terrified passengers. However, before he could carry out his sinister plans, he quickly realized that he was sitting just a few rows away from his worst nightmare — a retired police officer who specialized in counter-terrorism.

Muslim Vows Takeover On Plane Mid-Air, Ex-Cop BRUTALLY Cuts His Plans Short
After declaring that “Muslims will take over Britain,” a Saudi Muslim (right) soon realized he was sitting near Chris Phillips (left), the former head of Britain’s National Counter Terrorism Security Office. (Source: The Sun)

Self-proclaimed moderates and their liberal apologists warn us not to suspect Muslims of taking their Quran’s violent commands seriously, lest we find ourselves guilty of Islamophobia. Unfortunately, when the only ones detonating suicide bombs and crashing planes into towers are Muslims, it’s understandable that many would be wary of flying with a Muhammadan. Luckily for one flight, they had the perfect weapon against a Muslim passenger who suffered a bout of “sudden jihad syndrome.”

When an unnamed 51-year-old Saudi Arabian passenger began screaming that “Muslims will take over Britain” in the middle of a flight from India to the London on Tuesday, he had no idea that sitting just a few rows away was his worst nightmare — 55-year-old ex-head of Britain’s National Counter Terrorism Security Office Chris Phillips. Instantly, the retired officer invoked 30 years of experience combatting terrorists to easily thwart the devout jihadist, leading to an all-out brawl.

The Sun reports that Phillips leaped out of his seat and tackled the shouting Muslim amid screams of horror from terrified passengers. Like a scene from a Hollywood action blockbuster, Phillips cuffed the terrorist and detained him until the Gulf Air pilots could land in Bahrain.

“It was chaos. The Muslim passenger was trying to walk to the First Class section of the plane,” Phillips said. “He was shouting obscenities and it was a frightening scene. He was fighting with a male member of cabin crew. They were rolling on the floor then slamming against the aircraft door. It was terrifying to watch them roll into the aircraft exit at 30,000ft. Women and children were screaming. It was very upsetting.”

When hailed a hero by the media, Phillips shrugged off the praise and simply explained, “I did what I had to do.” However, the humble former officer managed to restrain the unruly passenger after 4 crew members failed. It was when the Muslim passenger broke free from the brawl and headed to the front of the plane that Phillips made his life-saving move.

“I thought it was a terrorist attack initially,” he said. “A man from Saudi Arabia lost the plot, we think he was shouting racial slurs but I couldn’t hear exactly what he was saying.”

After Chris took down the suspect, several male flight attendants and an American forces member took over, securing the passenger to his seat. Phillips then stepped back and recorded the arrest for evidence until the Muslim slipped free once again, the Metro reports.

Like a true hero, Phillips refused praise, explaining, “I did what I had to do.” (Source: Daily Mail)

Phillips explained that the suspect was fighting back for about 20 minutes before he finally calmed down. During a conversation between the pair, Phillips determined that the man was drunk. However, this doesn’t explain his apparent willingness to resort to racism, terrorist threats, and violence that fall in line with your typical jihadist.

“I think everyone else on the plane was a bit relieved,” Phillips said. “You don’t want to be fighting with people at 35,000 ft. Eventually we got into a conversation and I calmed him down. I had to look after him for six hours – the whole bloody flight.”

Upon landing, the Metropolitan Police arrested the man on suspicion of actual bodily harm and being intoxicated aboard an aircraft.

Although this is a commonality of Islam, we aren’t allowed to say it. Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs, or followers of any other religious group aren’t hijacking airplanes and martyring themselves in the name of their god. This is a Muslim staple.

The Quran states that Muslims have the duty to war with all nations until the world bows to Islam and no other religion or law is above it. They are to accomplish this by any means necessary, whether they use physical violence, like this failed jihadist, or our own tolerance and political correctness.

Over 50 countries have already fallen to Islamic conquest by sword or migration and are under the oppressive rule of Sharia law, in which religious minorities are denied basic human rights. When Muslims hijack planes, stab Jews, suicide bomb churches, or slaughter whole villages, it is by the example of their prophet Muhammad and the commands of the Quran that they invoke such violence.