Muslim Wants Taxpayers To Fund 3 Wives & 20 Kids, Border Control Answers

Lazy Muslim Wants Taxpayers To Fund 3 Wives & 20 Kids, Border Control Answers
Daham al-Hasan wanted to bring his 3 wives and 20 children into Sweden for child support, but had no idea they had changed their liberal policy.

An entitled Syrian asylum seeker claims he is “too sick” to work or learn his host country’s language, so he’s demanding that taxpayers foot the bill for all three of his wives and 20 children. Just when he thought he was going to get his way, the migrant welfare leech was stopped by border control and given a response that wiped the greedy smile right off his face.

When 47-year-old Daham al-Hasan left Syria for Europe, leftists lauded his bravery and immediately welcomed him into Denmark. However, they soon realized that the migrant was out for all the benefits he could get and that the $32,066 Denmark afforded him per year wasn’t enough to suit the out-of-work asylum seeker. So, he headed to Sweden, where he would gain an extra paycheck per month for each of his 20 children. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t realize he was just a little too late to board the welfare train, thanks to Sweden’s conservatives changing their migration policy.

According to Fria Tider, al-Hasan, a Syrian migrant who claims he is too impaired to get a job but not to continue his trek across Europe, left his home and lavish benefits in Denmark after hearing Sweden would offer more. You can imagine his surprise when Swedish border control stopped him on his way in, telling him that he cannot bring his 2 extra wives and their 12 other children in with him to claim more in welfare.

Lazy Muslim Wants Taxpayers To Fund 3 Wives & 20 Kids, Border Control Answers
Al-Hasan, 47, claims he is too sick to work or learn a new language, but not to make a trek from Denmark to Sweden for more benefits.

After leaving Denmark with his first wife and 8 of his 20 children, al-Hasan summoned the second and third wives and his 12 other kids, hoping to milk Sweden’s taxpayers for even more than he previously received. He now realizes that Sweden has denied him entrance, writing him off as an opportunist rather than an actual refugee.

“I would first like to go to Sweden, but I have been caught in Denmark. In Sweden, I want to reunite with my family within the next three months,” says the 47-year-old Arab and 20 children father.

Not only has this so-called man supposedly fled terror and tyranny in Syria while leaving his wives and children behind to fend for themselves, but he didn’t even send for them until he thought he could gain more benefits in Sweden. Those benefits he’s seeking are an extra $150 per month for each additional child, adding up to nearly $60,000 a year in child support alone.

Of course, this doesn’t even include the disability al-Hasan would receive for claiming that he is too sick to work. In fact, he alleges that his pain is so great that it prevents him from learning Danish or any other language in Europe, according to the Express.

“I don’t only have psychological problems, but also physical [problems],” al-Hasan told local media. “I have a pain in my back and legs.”

Lazy Muslim Wants Taxpayers To Fund 3 Wives & 20 Kids, Border Control Answers
Integration spokesperson Naser Khader, who also migrated from Syria, says that al-Hasan is just trying to take advantage of the system.

Integration spokesperson for the Conservatives, Naser Khader, who is also a Syrian immigrant, slammed al-Hasan for his clear abuse of Europe’s generosity in the refugee crisis.

“It is highly problematic that a Syrian refugee can be allowed to call himself sick to avoid working and learning Danish, so he can support… 20 children,” Khader said. “We need to save and it can’t be right that a man, who has not contributed, is granted hundreds of thousands in child support.”

Conservatives aren’t the only ones concerned about fake asylum seekers. The Danish People’s Party and Social Democrats are now agreeing with Khader, adding their support to his call for further restrictions on child allowances for refugees.

Of course, entitled refugees aren’t satisfied with the lavish benefits Europe is handing out. In fact, at least 5 Syrian migrants are now suing the Danish government and foreign minister over a strict new asylum policy that takes several years to reunite asylum seeking families. The refugees claim that the extensive security process for applications is breaching their human rights.

Since Sweden has become the “rape capital of the West” due to unfettered migration from Islamic countries, officials are striving to implement stricter policies on asylum seekers. With an increase of 1,472 percent in rape, the country is cracking down on migrants and hopes to reject at least 80,000 refugees this year.

Hopefully, it’s not too late for both Sweden and Denmark to salvage their culture, economy, and security from a literal takeover by a culture that despises their values and laws. Sadly, Muslim migrants still have the opportunity to out populate Europeans, considering their high birth rate, polygamous customs, and determination to make Europe Islamic.

Photo Credit [Ekstra Bladet, Express, IBTimes]

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