Muslim Teacher Rapes Girl, Police HORRIFIED To Learn His Sick Justification

Muslim Rapes Teen Girl, Police HORRIFIED To Learn His Sick ‘Foreplay’
Stock images of Muslim man (left) and rape (right)

A Muslim teacher decided to ask one of his pupils, a 14-year-old girl, to stay behind after letting out the rest of the class. Much to the girl’s terror, the man would whip out a knife and violently rape her – and even police would be left horrified to learn his sick justification as they uncovered the details of his crime.

Islamic teacher James Gande was teaching a 7th-grade class in a Zimbabwe mosque. After the afternoon prayers had concluded, the Muslim man dismissed the class but asked one girl, who had come in the company of 4 friends, to stay behind.

Although she was unclear about what her instructor wanted, she merely did as he asked and followed him to a guardroom behind the building. However, things would quickly take a horrific turn when the teacher pulled a knife and threatened to stab her with it if she screamed.

Unfortunately, things would only get worse from there as Gande exposed himself before forcing himself on the young girl and raping her. After he finished the sick act, he then instructed the girl not to tell anyone, saying that if she did, he would kill her.

According to reports, the girl decided to ignore Gande’s commands and promptly told a friend who was waiting outside. Before long, the two came up with a plan to walk to the man’s house and tell his wife what the Muslim teacher had done – but things didn’t go as planned.

Before the girls could make it to Gande’s home, they were met by the furious teacher who once again whipped out the same knife and threatened to kill them. As one would imagine, the girls fled as quickly as they could before eventually telling the victim’s parents what had happened.

The police were quickly called, and the girl told every detail of the day’s events, leaving even the officers horrified to hear Gande’s reasoning for the assault, which he gave to the girl prior to the rape. The man’s sick justification that made the violent rape permissible in his mind was the fact that he loaned the girl’s father money a few days prior. In the end, this was Gande’s way of collecting what he was owed.

Gande reportedly told the teen at the time that “she was going to pay for her father’s debt in any way he pleases.” Since then, the Muslim pervert has been arrested on rape charges. He was released on bond with the provision that he surrender his passport to ensure that he didn’t flee after being set free. He is now expected to check in with police twice a week until his trial takes place.

Sadly, this is only a glimpse into the ideology of those currently flooding Western nations from Muslim countries. With things like rape and violence on the rise with the intake of refugees, the connection between the two is clear, despite what those on the left may say.

With some countries experiencing an increase of rape by 1,472%, there really isn’t much to argue about when it comes to where the problem lies. The really unfortunate aspect in all of this is that some in society wish to cover this up for the sake of “political correctness” – and that, in the end, is only putting lives at risk.