Muslim Teens Break Girl’s Jaw When They See What She ‘Did’ With Her Hand

Muslim Teens Break Girl's Jaw When They See What She 'Did' With Her Hand
Fifteen-year-old Patricia Montag was brutally beaten until her jaw broke in 2 places by a self-proclaimed youth Sharia patrol.

A group of Muslim teen girls approached a female classmate and viciously began beating her, breaking her jaw in two places as blood streamed down her face before they were done. However, when police asked her while she was still in the hospital why the Muslims would do this, the girl explained that it was because of what they said she did with her hand.

A Polish girl was brutally beaten by what the media are calling a Sharia patrol comprised of Muslim Chechen teen girls in Austria. The 15-year-old victim was treated at a local hospital for a week as doctors inserted a steel plate and screws into her jaw to fix it in place. After being given strong painkillers and gaining some recovery from her horrific injuries, Patricia bravely came forward to explain the disturbing footage that has caused an international outcry over what should be considered a religious hate crime.

Heute News reports that dozens of teens stood by and watched as a group of Muslim girls brutally beat 15-year-old Patricia Montag until she spat out blood because they falsely accused her of pulling down their friend’s hijab. While the girls in the footage aren’t wearing the compulsory hijab, they act as a devout Sharia patrol, dishing out a savage punishment for the infidel offender.

Although her jaw was broken in two places and her mouth is bleeding excessively, Patricia maintained her composure and refused to fight back as one-by-one the girls stepped up to beat her. She later told the police and media that she didn’t defend herself or try to flee because there were dozens of accomplices off-camera and she knew it would result in a worse beating.

“I have a double jaw fracture. During an operation, the hospital inserted two screws and a plate. I can only eat liquid or slurry and take strong painkillers,” Patricia said. “The video shows only the four attackers but behind them were many more. I knew that if I fought back, I would beat me even more. I just waited till it was over.”

According to The Local, the attacked occurred on November 9 at the Danube Centre, a shopping mall in Vienna. The leaders of the youth Sharia patrol are a 15-year-old Austrian girl named Leonie and a Chechen refugee boy nicknamed Abuu. The gang made headlines earlier this year for acting as an Islamic authority over terrified Austrian youths.

Fortunately, all 4 of the girls shown attacking Patricia in the video have been arrested. It is unclear if Abuu will also face charges for leading the vicious attack.

“We know the youngsters, they have already been involved in similar cases in Lower Austria,” police spokesman Paul Eidenberger said.

Patricia is undoubtedly a young girl with immeasurable courage to be beaten to a bloody pulp without even flinching. She even refused to give in to their threats, reporting the incident to police after the girls vowed to beat her again if she did. However, girls like Patricia shouldn’t have to stand there and take a beating in the first place by these religious zealots.

Thanks to the refugee crisis, millions of Muslims who adhere to these same violent fundamentals are flocking to the West. Using the crisis to carry out their religious duty to spread Islam through migration, these devout Islamists are using the same terror tactics their prophet Muhammad did when he entered Medina as a war refugee. Within a few years, he had raised a Sharia army and had driven out, enslaved, or executed every last civilian in his host city.

Just as Muhammad proclaimed that he had “been made victorious through terror,” these girls are carrying out the same brutality in the name of Allah.

Photo Credit [Heute News]

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