Muslim Terrorist Caught At The Last Second, This Would Have Been Devastating

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Law enforcement apprehended a 20-year-old Syrian migrant for a planned terror attack. Had he gotten away with it, it would have shocked the world.

German police stand ready (left); Fallout from the last major terror attack in Germany (right) (Photo Credit: Robert Anders/Flickr/Andreas Trojak /Wikimedia)

All over the West, would-be terrorists find new ways of infiltration. In the United States, our flawed lottery visa system and chain migration is a major problem. People are granted entry into the United States at random. There is no sufficient vetting taking place. Nor are these people welcomed based on their merits or accomplishments. From there, extended families are allowed in — with even less scrutiny.

Numerous terrorists have entered the United States that way. It is a glaring hole in our national security. But if you think that’s bad, just take a look at Europe. For years, European nations have welcomed millions of outsiders, due to the migrant crisis. These people come from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Some of them have fled war, but most go to Europe for the government handouts.

It’s been openly acknowledged that European governments cannot vet all of the people flooding their borders. These migrants could be from anywhere. They could have ties to some of the worst terrorist organizations on the planet. Often, they are up to no good.

That was the case of 20-year-old Yamen A. The Syrian national was apprehended by German police. They discovered that he was plotting a massive terror attack for ISIS. According to officials, he would have killed almost 200 people.

A 20-year-old Syrian national has been charged by German prosecutors with plotting a major radical Islamic terrorist attack which they claim could have killed up to 200 people.

The man, identified as Yamen A., has been brought up on charges of “preparing serious state-damaging violence,” according to a press release from the Public Prosecutor General.

The prosecutor said that the 20-year-old had been preparing explosive devices and was looking to perform a mass casualty terror attack on behalf of the Islamic State terror group.

Yamen A. is said to have become radicalised last summer and had determined in July of 2017 that he would perpetrate a terrorist attack in Hamburg. They say he wanted to blow himself up in a crowded area but were not totally positive on where the suspected terrorist would have carried out the attack. [Source: Breitbart]

They say that Yamen was “radicalized” last summer, as if it was something that happened recently. How is that possible? How is an otherwise normal person transformed into a radical agent of death?

It’s perhaps more likely that he was harboring these sentiments for a long time. Perhaps he entered Germany with the intention to kill. It was only last summer when he started working toward that goal.

Or maybe he was a nice man before all that. If that was the case, how did he become a would-be terrorist? He came in contact with radical Islamic terrorists — who were operating in Germany. The lax vetting and open nature of their migrant policy welcomed in people who meant to do harm. Yamen was easily able to get in touch with these people and become radicalized.

According to the report, this wasn’t a passing fancy. Yamen was planning a big attack and acquired the means to do so.

In order to carry out the attack, prosecutors say he looked up bomb-making advice online and bought the needed chemicals to create a triacetontriperoxide (TATP) bomb. Investigators were able to find all the chemicals needed to create a TATP explosive device in his home. [Source: Breitbart]

There has been a major uptick in terror attacks and attempted attacks in Europe since the migrant crisis began. Yet numerous EU leaders refuse to acknowledge the connection. In fact, they still insist on letting more migrants enter their countries. Instead of sending the ones they have back to their homeland.

The case is just the latest foiled terror plot involving an asylum seeker since the height of the migrant crisis. A study from the American Heritage Foundation think tank last year revealed that asylum seekers make up at least half of all the terrorist suspects in Germany.

Many of the plotters have been Syrian nationals, including another mass casualty terrorist plot that was foiled in Dusseldorf in 2016, in which three Syrians plotted to emulate the 2015 Bataclan massacre that took place in Paris. [Source: Breitbart]

The situation is just as dire in the United States. President Donald Trump refuses to embrace refugees in the same way as Europe. But if liberals had their way, we’d see millions of migrants enter the United States. The sheer numbers would make it impossible to vet would-be terrorists or radicals. The fallout would be devastating.

Recent terror attacks in the U.S. have much the same in common. The attackers were migrants or the family of migrants. They did not embrace American values. Rather, they held to beliefs that were easily radicalized into hate and violence. This danger still persists, thanks to our unreformed immigration system.

In the case of Yamen A., he was stopped before many lives were lost. But how many more losers are planning in secret? How many would-be ISIS disciples are plotting attacks, in America and abroad?