Muslim Uber Driver Rapes Girl, Victim Gets Sweet Revenge With What She Put On His Genitals

Woman Raped By Muslim Uber Driver, Gets Sweet Revenge With What She Put On His ‘Genitals’
Suleiman Abdirizak (left), a stock image for visual representation (right) (Photo Credit: Facebook, Usien/Wikimedia Commons)

After picking up an intoxicated woman and realizing that he couldn’t control himself, a perverted and morally depraved Uber driver decided to sexually assault his female passenger. Unfortunately for him, he got more than he bargained for as the woman would quickly get sweet revenge – and even the rapist was left horrified by what she left on his genitals.

It all started when a woman, whose identity is being withheld because she is a victim, had a bit too much to drink and did what should have been the smart thing, calling for an Uber ride home. Unfortunately, thanks to the Muslim Uber driver who would pick her up, taking that ride would turn out to be a big mistake. In fact, after having a nice dinner and a bottle of wine at Hoxton Bar and Grill in London, England, the woman was anticipating a 20-minute ride home, but it would take much longer after what the sadistic monster decided to do to the vulnerable woman.

As it turns out, the woman was picked up by 42-year-old Suleiman Abdirizak, a Muslim driver who had other things in mind rather than just giving the woman a ride home. Although the woman initially asked for an Uber pool request in order to split the cost with other passengers, Abdirizak would eventually convince her to ride with him alone.

A short time after getting in the car alone with the Muslim man, the woman realized she was in trouble as her driver began to make some “fairly inappropriate” comments. Things would only go from bad to worse for the intoxicated woman when she had fallen asleep in the backseat only to wake to an odd sensation.

According to The Sun, Abdirizak had pulled the car over on a dead end street and was turned around, running his hand up his passenger’s thigh. Next, he got out and hopped into the backseat. From there, the disgusting pervert forced his penis inside the unconscious woman’s mouth, prompting her to wake up to her worst nightmare. Of course, the woman tried to refuse what the Muslim monster was forcing upon her, but she was only further horrified as Abdirizak informed her, “I’ll only drive you if you suck my d*ck.”

Unfortunately for him, things were about to take a shocking turn as the woman told him she was infected with HIV and had been battling the disease for the past 5 years. Horrified, Abdirizak jumped out of the car and began to wash not only his mouth but also his penis, using a water bottle that he had in the car, fearing the woman had left the deadly disease on his genitals.

The Muslim driver was reportedly so distressed that his victim had to comfort him in a desperate attempt to get back home. In fact, the woman recalled the rest of the conversation during Abdirizak’s trial. “I told him, ‘I won’t say anything, just drive me home. You won’t get contaminated,'” to which she claims he asked, “Are you sure?” and she responded, “I’m sure. Just drive me home.”

According to Mail Online, she added, “I know he was freaked out. I said, ‘I’ll walk you through it, I have had it for five years, don’t worry about it,'” before concluding, “Inside I was scared.” Come to find out, the woman’s admission to having HIV was nothing more than a clever ruse hatched out of desperation, and fortunately, it was enough to get the Muslim rapist to drive her home, where she immediately told her roommate what happened.

You can imagine Abdirizak’s surprise to find out that his victim had lied not once but twice throughout the ordeal. Although she said she had HIV, she didn’t, and even though she reassured him she wouldn’t tell, she did – and now, he’s behind bars where he belongs for his sick crimes.

Sadly, this man was merely following the words of his religion as Islamic scholars insist that the Quran allows Muslim men to freely rape non-believers. This is the world we live in, and until the left stops defending Islam, crap like this is going to continue to happen. Maybe they’ll change their minds when it happens to a woman they love like their mother, daughter, or sister.

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