“Muslim” Man Goes On Violent Rampage, Police Response Is Baffling [VIDEO]

Shocking video footage has been released of a man wearing “Muslim clothes” and going on a violent rampage. Four terrified teenagers were in his path, desperately trying to flee for their lives from the deranged psycho. Police were slow to respond, and they left everyone baffled by how they handled the incident.

This chilling video was taken in a north London suburb near a busy shopping center. He was wearing Islamic clothing, but it’s not yet known if he’s actually a follower of Islam. The “Muslim” can be seen chasing four teenagers around cars and houses as they try to escape his gun fire. The shocking footage was taken outside Edmonton shopping center around 2 in the afternoon.


While liberals in America keep repeating Barack Obama’s gun line that “things like this just don’t happen in other civilized countries,” this gunman manged to shoot at one of the boys as he cowered near a fence trying to escape.  This video was shot in broad daylight in a country where gun control is stringent.

You can actually hear the gunshot as the shooter takes aim at one of the boys, and he physically begins to limp after it appears he was shot. The injured boy manages to escape as the attacker flees in a different direction. The man responsible for this video is known only as “Andrew” to protect his identity.

“I looked over and decided to record it. I honestly thought it was some guys having a punch up or something like that. There was a lot of commotion and then these kids broke out of the crowd and ran away and the guy with the gun ran after them and opened fire. I couldn’t believe what I was filming. I’ve never seen anything like that outside my house, I was just left wondering ‘what the hell is going on out there?’ It’s London, I don’t expect to see that sort of stuff,” said Andrew.

Police stated that even though it seems that at least one of the victims was injured by either attempting to escape or getting shot, there weren’t actually any injuries at all and the gunman is not in custody. When a “Muslim” opens fire in England and it’s caught on video, they’re telling us that we didn’t see what we think we saw. In a country where guns are all but banned, a “Muslim” was able to fire at will on four teenagers. It would seem that Muslims are a protected group.

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