Muslim Walks Little Girl To Class, Parents Horrified By What He ‘Teaches’ About Muhammad

While on her way to school, a 7-year-old girl was approached by a Muslim man, who graciously offered to escort her to class. However, before she even reached her teacher, she received a stomach-churning “lesson” about the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Muslim Walks Little Girl To Class, Parents Horrified By What He 'Teaches' About Muhammad
The world is shocked after discovering what a Muslim suspect (center) did to 7-year-old Zainab Ansari (left) as she walked to class. (Photo Credit: Family Handout, Screenshot/CCTV, Dunya News)

As Islam grows, so spread its fundamentals, exactly as their Quran commands and the “Messenger of Allah” modeled. Today, more than 50 Muslim-majority nations have been plunged into a 7th-century-style wasteland that the prophet Muhammad created after entering Medina as a refugee and slaughtering, enslaving, and exiling every last Jew.

Sadly, it often takes these nations suffering from the strictest Islamic commands in order for the people to rise up against their Sharia regime and demand a change. Unfortunately, the time for Pakistan to reject its inhumane and corrupt governance may have come at the expense of an innocent little girl’s lesson about Islam’s “perfect man,” Muhammad.

On January 4, 7-year-old Zainab Ansari was heading to her Quran recital, which is typical of a Muslim girl her age, when she was approached by an unknown Muslim man in Road Kot, Pakistan. With her parents still in Saudi Arabia for their compulsory pilgrimage to Mecca, the hazel-eyed girl was an easy target for the devout Islamist who sought to enact another of the Quran’s compulsory commands.

After taking the vulnerable child by the hand, the Muslim suspect led her to a secluded area to teach the 7-year-old girl what happened to the 50-year-old prophet Muhammad’s favorite child bride, Aisha, who was 1 year younger than Zainab at the time of their marriage.

In one of the country’s most widespread shock reports, Pakistanis are demanding that police find the Muslim man who led young Zainab away in order to violently rape and murder her before carelessly dumping her strangled corpse in a pile of trash, according to the Daily Mail.

Echoing the prophet’s penchant for kidnapping, raping, and even slaughtering innocent women and children, Zainab’s case is not only an embarrassment for the corrupt and incompetent authorities in Pakistan’s Islamic regime but even more so for the religion of Islam. According to the Quran and hadith, Muhammad not only married a 6-year-old girl, took sex slaves, and slaughtered innocent women and children, he also gave verses of the Quran to encourage his followers to do the same.

Muslim Walks Little Girl To Class, Parents Horrified By What He 'Teaches' About Muhammad
Before being strangled to death and dumped in a pile of trash (pictured), 7-year-old Zainab was brutally raped, just like the prophet Muhammad’s child bride, Aisha. (Photo Credit: Dunya News)

Although these crimes occur all the time in Pakistan, especially against religious minorities, local celebrities and even the Western media have chosen to latch onto the case while unapologetically ignoring the appalling daily suffering of non-Muslims. Still, many are hoping that Zainab’s death draws criticism and ire toward Pakistan’s Islamic laws and brutal police forces.

Speaking at Islamabad airport as he arrived back in the country, her father Ameen Ansari said, as his wife sobbed, “We will not bury Zainab until the killer is caught.” He alleged that the police did not cooperate in finding his daughter: “If the police would have acted immediately, the culprit would have been caught.”

Her mother added, “I have nothing to say, I just want justice for my daughter.”

According to local outlet Dunya News, Zainab’s father criticized authorities, explaining that police weren’t interested in cooperating with family members to locate the missing child, leaving neighbors and relatives to search for her. He charged that if officers would’ve acted as soon as the complaint was filed, the suspect likely would be in custody already. Of course, this is the typical response from Pakistan’s police forces unless the accused is a member of the religious minority.

Countless Muslim celebrities and civilians took to social media to lament young Zainab’s heinous murder and decry the ineptitude of Pakistan’s authorities, a reaction virtually reserved for Muslim victims. Of course, this type of inaction from Pakistani police is a common response to the rape and murder of the nation’s dwindling Christian population.

Angry mobs have continued to protest the authorities’ inability to capture the suspect, while lawyers have staged a boycott of judicial proceedings to demand swift action. Along with celebrities and citizens, numerous politicians are publicly censuring Pakistani police, condemning forces with the passive hashtag “#JusticeForZainab.”

Pakistan is a perfect example of how a once non-Muslim nation can quickly transform into a dangerous regime through mass migration and birthrate. After decades of Islamic growth, the nation is operating under Sharia law, which denies its citizens and especially religious minorities basic human rights.

Christianity in Pakistan is nearly eradicated. Pakistani Christians face genocide as well as daily abuses from the Muslim majority and government. To date, over 20,000 Christians are enslaved by Muslims in Pakistan as the country nears a 100-percent Islamic population.

Tragically, Zainab’s horrific end is a portrait of Islam’s fundamentals. Unfortunately, there will be many more like her until the people of Pakistan rise up against their tyrannical regime.

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