Muslim Planned WMD Attack In Key West, Florida, Judge Has 3 Chilling Words

Muslim Planned WMD Attack In Key West, Florida, Judge Has 3 Chilling Words
Pictured: Harlem Suarez (left), US District Judge Jose Martinez (right)

Harlem Suarez was told that his bomb would “rip through people faster than bullets.” He said, “Great. Great.” However, Judge Jose Martinez countered his disturbing remarks with a few chilling words of his own.

As CreepingSharia reports, Martinez sentenced Suarez to life in prison for his evil plot. Speaking of Suarez’s crimes, Martinez said, “It’s too much,” as Suarez sat quietly beside two language interpreters and his parents watched from the back of the courtroom. “I do think he could have done this,” the judge said after saying he had considered giving Suarez only 50 years in prison.

“The offense is such a serious offense that people need to know that you can’t do that,” Judge Jose Martinez said in U.S. District Court in Key West after an hour-long sentencing hearing. “He was talking the talk. He was walking the walk and was in possession of what he thought was a weapon of mass destruction.”

Judge Martinez was referring to a 2015 plot, hatched by Suarez, to purchase a backpack bomb and detonate it on a Key West Beach as a tribute to Allah. According to MRCTV, the bomb was to be set off with a timer and was to be filled with galvanized nails. Unfortunately for Suarez, he spoke of the bomb in a meeting with undercover FBI agents.

“He posted a ton of pro-ISIS propaganda including graphic videos and photographs,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Marc Anton said during the hearing. “When told the shrapnel would rip through people faster than bullets, he smiled and said, ‘Great, great.’ This defendant has shown no remorse. He has demonstrated no sense of responsibility.”

An example of the pro-ISIS propaganda read, “Stand up with us my brother. Stand up with the black flag and the AK with 10 mag, fight with us, be a gangster with us, kill our enemies and convert to Islam now in USA.” Another said, “I call to other brothers worldwide to create Caliphate in the Middle East. Destroy our enemies against us. Let live only who are our brothers and sisters. Send our mujahideen to a different soil with tanks, missiles grenades and other tactical needs. America soil is the past, we will destroy America and divide it in two. We will raise our black flag on top of your white house and any president on duty (cut head).”

Suarez claimed that he was only playing along in his discussion with the undercover agents, but the judge quickly dismissed his defense in ordering the life sentence. FBI Special Agent George L. Piro summed it up best, saying in a statement, “Suarez wanted to kill innocent people by detonating a nail-laced, explosive-filled backpack on a crowded Key West beach.” Piro continued, “He was denied his terroristic dreams by several hard working, dedicated law-enforcement organizations and professionals. This is a job well done.”

No question, these agents saved many innocent Americans by preventing a senseless tragedy. It is comforting to hear of their phenomenal work and even more reassuring to learn that Suarez will spend the rest of his life in prison where he cannot hurt anyone.

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