One State Now Allowing Muslims To Wear Burqas In Driver’s License Photos

While the U.S. continues to reel from minorities requiring halal slaughter, rainbow cakes, and a $15 minimum wage, national security is taking a hit with the vociferous demands of the Muslim 2 percent. In fact, one state’s appeasement of burqa-clad women threatens to fundamentally change the value of the driver’s license as an identification tool.

The International Business Times reports that fliers reminding employees of the Department of Motor Vehicle offices that it is illegal for them to request that applicants remove “articles of faith” for their driver’s license photos in the state of Illinois.

“While hats or head coverings are generally prohibited from being worn in photographs used on Illinois driver’s licenses and identification cards, customers may be photographed while wearing established religious head coverings,” read the flier. “Photographs increase public safety.”

Deputy Press Secretary Henry Haupt of Illinois confirmed that Muslims and Sikhs will be allowed to wear obtrusive headwear in their photos, Fusion reports. Even the burqa and veil are considered acceptable, although they cover every identifiable feature.

One State Now Allowing Muslims To Wear Burqas In Drivers License Photos
Can you tell if the woman under the burqa is the same person as the one on the drivers license? Can you even tell for sure that this is a woman?

“What we’re doing was always allowed the religious head coverings of this nature but what we want to ensure is that the public’s aware of them because we were told that some individuals were unaware that they could have their photo taken for the drivers [sic] license wearing them. We’re always mindful of the fact that we want to communicate well with the public,” Haupt said.

The fact of the matter is that a driver’s license isn’t just an issued card that acknowledges your right to operate a vehicle. We’re talking about the value of the biggest identification tool becoming a worthless card. No, not a worthless card — a weapon with which those who seek to commit crimes can gain access to places where they might otherwise be denied.

One State Now Allowing Muslims To Wear Burqas In Driver's License Photos
The burqa covers every inch of skin, often including the eyes. How does the DMV know the woman in the photo is Fatima Khomeini? How would authorities know?

If anyone needed an ID to gain entrance, literally anyone could dress in the burqa and use this ID. The photo holds absolutely no value, and it may as well be removed entirely. No longer will there be a way to confirm someone’s identity by their license.

This brings us back to the topic of banning the burqa as a step towards national security. It is impossible to know who or what is hiding beneath the burqa, and neither security cameras nor security guards can identify perpetrators unless their face is visible. Allowing the burqa simply because an intolerant ideology requires women to be repressed by covering their entire existence for the sake of tolerance is tolerating that repression.

One State Now Allowing Muslims To Wear Burqas In Driver's License Photos
Having Muslim remove headwear in photos isn’t enough if they’re wearing identity-concealing clothing in public. The burqa is a security threat that must be banned.

While trying to crack down on discrimination, the state has officially discriminated against everyone who’s religion doesn’t require them to wear hindering headwear. Only if one is a Muslim, Sikh, or perhaps other may they wear this identity-concealing fashion. For all others, this is illegal, and they must remove it for their photos.

The DMV wouldn’t allow someone to walk into the office with a Halloween mask or ski mask on, much less let them wear either in their photo, so why do we make an exception for a religious group? What’s next? The Ku Klux Klan wearing white sheets and carrying flaming crosses in their photos, in accordance with their backwards beliefs?

What has happened in Illinois is an example of religion being acknowledged as a higher form of governance than our government, all because our wonderful country is so tolerant and open-minded. However, the tolerance of intolerance is cultural suicide, and our Constitution is headed towards the same cliff.

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