Liberals Crying ‘Racism’ Over Muslim’s ‘Clock’ At School, But Look At This Tweet

Earlier this week, news broke of the latest martyr for progressive “tolerance” being arrested at school for having an apparatus that looked like an improvised explosive device, which he said was a clock. The story has gotten a ton of attention from left-wing media intent on “proving” Islamophobia in America, but a single tweet he sent out to his followers tells us all we need to know about his intentions.

For those unaware, which I’m sure there are very few of you, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed brought a homemade clock into school on Monday and showed his teacher, which sparked a firestorm after administrators believed that it resembled an explosive device, Mad World News previously reported. The police were called, and proper protocol was followed to ensure that Mohamed, a Muslim American whose father regularly returns to Sudan in order to run for president, didn’t have any nefarious intentions by bringing the device to school.

Most people praised the school’s actions and said that it’s better for them to be safe than sorry. However, almost right on cue, the liberal left erupted with accusations of racism and discrimination against the boy, despite the fact that his father has a questionable past and travels to the terror hotbed in Sudan quite often, which would raise red flags on any radar.

Another group to jump right on board with Mohamed was the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which has known ties to terror groups and is actually designated as a terror organization itself in several countries. CAIR’s involvement isn’t surprising, but a brazen tweet sent out by Mohamed and Alia Salem, Executive Director of CAIR-Texas Dallas Fort Worth, pretty much shows us the true intent of Mohamed’s family and the groups supporting them.

“Going to meet my lawyer,” it reads in a bragging manner, which says a lot about what’s going on. Keep in mind that while Mohamed was detained and questioned for the suspicious-looking device, no charges were filed and his initial suspension from school was overturned, so what exactly is an attorney going to do?

The tweet has actually sparked some controversy itself, with people wondering if this was the plan all along, especially after seeing what Mohamed’s “clock” actually looked like. Both he and his father appear to be rather smart people, so it stands to reason they would realize that a circuit board attached to a timer inside of a briefcase could be perceived as a bomb, which calls into question why he was even allowed to bring it to school to begin with, since students doing innocent things like chewing a pop tart into the shape of a gun have been suspended.

For the record, here’s a side-by-side comparison of an actual suitcase bomb and Mohamed’s “clock”:

Liberals Crying ‘Racism’ Over Muslim’s ‘Clock’ At School, But Look At This Tweet

With all of that said, it’s hard to believe that Mohamed or his family are the “innocent victims” they’re being made out to be in this case. America is constantly under the threat of terrorism from within, yet we’re not allowed to profile for fear someone might be offended. So without any other means of differentiating between terrorists and everyone else, every perceived threat must be handled accordingly, which means if you have a “clock” that looks like a bomb, you can expect to be thoroughly questioned over it regardless of your religion or the color of your skin. All of this was likely known by Mohamed and his family, which leads me to believe this wasn’t an “accident” by any means.

Whether it be a big payout from a lawsuit so that Mohamed’s father can fund a campaign in the Sudan, a ploy orchestrated by CAIR to use our own political correctness against us in order to remove scrutiny from Muslims, or a dry run for a terror attack in our schools, there’s a lot more to this story than is being told.

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