Irate Muslims Demand D.C. Cops Arrest Infidels For What Was Found In Quran

Irate Muslims Demand D.C. Cops Arrest Infidels For What Was Found In Quran
Outraged Muslims are demanding a hate crime investigation after they discovered something “Islamophobic” on a Quran. (Photo source: YouTube, The Muslim Issue)

On Monday, a group of Muslims frantically called the police in Washington, D.C., demanding that infidels be punished to the fullest extent of the law. However, as soon as officers responded to the scene, they quickly realized that the outrageous wrath was all because of what was found in one Quran.

Once a Muslim minority grows to a reasonable size, aside from terrorism, their political influence and threats of legal retribution are enough to usher in the implementation of Sharia law. Starting by cracking down on free speech, all non-Muslims who criticize Islam either in word or deed are charged with hate crimes and made examples by our willing liberal justice officials. Before long, the majority is either too afraid or legally prohibited from speaking out against even the most inhumane aspects of Islam.

One such organization helping to speed up the process of Islamization is the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is a designated terrorist group with ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Still, their liberal support allows them to flourish in the battle against free speech. Unfortunately for them, certain infidels just aren’t willing to shut up so easily.

Outraged Muslim CAIR activists are demanding a hate crime investigation and prison time for whichever unbeliever smeared a page from a Quran with feces and mailed it to them over the weekend. The offended D.C. chapter notified police on Monday in the hopes that they could convince officers to use U.S. laws to inflict Sharia punishments for what they’re equating to a dangerous and “racist” crime, even though Islam is not a race.

Irate Muslims Demand D.C. Cops Arrest Infidels For What Was Found In Quran
Feces was smeared on a page of the Quran (left) and sent to the D.C. chapter of CAIR along with a photo of Barack Obama as a monkey (right). (Photo source: Facebook)

The International Business Times reports that CAIR executive director Nihad Awad condemned the anti-Islam “hate targeting,” alleging that his organization receives daily hate messages but graciously chooses not to report them. Awad is the same CAIR activist who demanded the release of all Muslim terrorists at Gitmo and publically announced his support for the Hamas movement that pays Palestinian Muslims to slaughter Jewish civilians.

According to the Huffington Post, CAIR executive director Nihad Awad said in a statement on Monday that the package is “just a sample of the hate targeting American Muslims and other minority groups in the wake of the presidential election. These bigoted acts will never stop us from defending the civil rights and religious freedom of all Americans,” Awad said.

Officials added that the package also contained pictures of Barack Obama portrayed as a monkey, similar to the photoshopped images of George W. Bush as a monkey that CAIR never once decried.

Disturbingly, the occasional reports of desecrated Qurans often receive more attention that actual persecution against religious minorities living under Sharia law.

Just last week, Dallas police were called to investigate after Muslims discovered Qurans in the toilets of a men’s restroom at the University of Texas at Dallas. The outraged Muslims hoped for hate crime charges and a full investigation into the incident but were disappointed to discover that here in America, Sharia punishments for throwing away your own Quran do not apply.

Both devout Muslim jihadists and Westernized so-called moderates always fiercely condemn those who defile their Quran or speak out against Islam, going as far as to label them terrorists. However, when Muslims murder in the name of Allah, they are inexcusably silent. There is no global Muslim movement against violent jihad but there are organizations in every non-Muslim country that go after critics of Islam with all of their might.

Although the leftist media continually decries the alleged “spike” in anti-Muslim hate crimes, they cleverly trick readers into interpreting this rise to mean that Muslims suffer the most persecution of any religious group in the U.S. This is blatant propaganda, as the latest FBI statistics show that although there was an increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes, which mostly consist of torn Qurans and pulled hijabs, the most consistently targeted religious demographic is the Jews. Over 52 percent of anti-religion hate crimes victims are Jewish while less than 22 percent are Muslim. In short, although there are more Muslims than Jews in the U.S., only 257 Muslims have been the victims of “hate crimes” but 664 were Jewish.

The Quran commands all Muslims to beat their wives, slaughter unbelievers, and fight until there is no other religion in the world. As indefensible as this message is, it is those who speak out against this bigotry and hate that are denounced by the left.

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