Muslims Demand Halal Lunches, School Official Destroys Their Request With 7 Words

After parents demanded that a school provide their children with halal cafeteria meals, a politically-incorrect school official obliterated their ultimatum with seven brilliant words.

Muslims Demand Halal Lunches, School Official Destroys Their Entitlement With 6 Words
After Muslims demanded that a German school provide their children with halal lunches, school senator Ties Rabe (left) met their ultimatum with an unexpected reply. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via YouTube, Akram Saleh /Getty Images)

In Muslim-majority countries, religious minorities are denied basic human rights. However, when Muslims immigrate to Western nations, they have no problem demanding minority rights and privileges. In fact, as the Islamic minority grows, their pleas for equality and respect soon turn to demands for special accommodation and capitulation to their neverending religious compulsions.

Whether it involves requiring the implementation of wash basins, multiple prayer breaks, dress code exemption, or specially prepared foods, the list of demands increases with the ultimate goal being Sharia law. This same process, which has repeated throughout history in dozens of now Muslim-majority nations, is playing out at an alarming rate in Europe. Fortunately, not everyone in a position of authority is ready to kowtow to this religious subjugation.

Since a school in Hamburg, Germany, has seen its Muslim student population increase, school officials have encountered the first round of typical Islamic compulsions. According to German online newspaper MZ, Muslim parents have demanded that the school cafeteria begin providing halal meals, which qualify as such based on the method of inhumane slaughter and sacrificial blessing to Allah.

After the Muslim parents insisted that the school lunches coincide with Islamic halal slaughter, the top school official came out to respond to their ultimatum. Unfortunately for them, the reply they received wasn’t what they expected.

Hamburg school senator Ties Rabe blatantly rejected the Muslim parents’ demand, chastising their egocentric behavior by stating that no particular minority possesses the right to “enforce their own food requirements or regulations” on the school’s majority.

“There is no right of certain groups to enforce their own food requirements or regulations for school meals, and we will continue to oppose them,” said the SPD politician to the Hamburger Abendblatt.

Rabe added that while the political left is obsessed with multiculturalism, the education system’s focus is the learning environment for its students, not religious aspirations.

“We will by no means begin to try to bring the diversity of this city to the diet,” Rabe continued.

Rabe cited the law, further explaining that schools are only required to offer meals that coincide with the German Nutrition Society, which does not include halal food.

Additionally, officials say that it’s possible that schools provide meat slaughtered along the standards of the Animal Welfare Act, which may not necessarily allow for halal. Parliamentary leader Alexander Wolf calls on the school board to enforce consistently, “that in school feeding, only meat offered in accordance with the guidelines of the Animal Welfare Act,” adding that “students of different backgrounds are not culturally recognized” in this legislation, meaning that religious compulsions are no excuse for violating the law.

While most Westerners understand that halal slaughter is a religious compulsion of Islam, many fail to understand the particular barbarity involved in this process. In accordance with halal slaughter, the animal must be alive and fully conscious when killed. Additionally, no pain relief is to be applied, whether through stunning or anesthesia. The animal’s throat must be cut through the jugular without severing the spinal cord, ensuring that the animal slowly and painfully bleeds out. To finalize the halal process, the sacrifice must be dedicated to Allah via an Islamic declaration.

The Quran commands that Muslims must not only wage physical war against unbelievers but also use whatever other means necessary in order to “make them feel subdued” and establish Sharia law.

Quran (9:29) – “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

Every demand made by the Muslim minority of their non-Muslim hosts is a tactic to enforce Sharia law and make the majority feel subdued. In the name of tolerance and religious freedom, Islam gradually subjugates its religious enemies until they ultimately find themselves under the rule of Sharia law. Luckily, there are still Westerners who refuse to bow to Islam, regardless of the outcry that follows.

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