Muslims Sexually Assault Mentally Disabled Girl, What Bus Driver Does Is Even Sicker

When a group of thugs spotted a young woman with a mental disability aboard a bus, they immediately seized the opportunity to sexually assault the terrified girl, recording their sadistic abuse. However, it was what viewers noticed the bus driver doing during the horrific molestation that caused even more outrage.

Muslims Sexually Assault Mentally Disabled Girl, What Bus Driver Does Is Even Sicker
While a mentally disabled woman (center) was being sexually assaulted by a group of Muslim teens (left & right), viewers were immediately outraged by how the bus driver responded. (Photo credit: Morocco World News, Facebook)

According to the left, all cultures are created equal and anyone who doesn’t believe this is an intolerant, racist bigot. In a bid to whitewash the barbarity and inequality that are prevalent in Muslim-majority nations, liberals pretend that these countries are morally and culturally advanced. Not only is this blatant propaganda meant to paint the religion as a misunderstood theology, but it consistently silences Islam’s biggest victims — women.

Morocco World News reports that international outrage has risen after footage of yet another unspeakable Islamic sex attack was uploaded to social media on Sunday evening. The video, which was reportedly taken by the victim’s abusers on August 18, shows 6 Moroccan Muslim teens taking turns sexually assaulting the 24-year-old mentally disabled woman on a bus in Casablanca. The abusers, who are all aged 15 to 17, can be heard laughing and mocking their victim as they repeatedly grope her chest and genitals while she desperately tries to free herself.

As disturbing as it is to hear of these rampant sex attacks perpetrated by Muslims, viewers were even more enraged by the response of both the bus driver and passengers. Instead of answering the young woman’s screams for help, passengers ignored the abuse and the bus driver continued onward, never once coming to the victim’s aid.

Although the video was fairly short, audio captured one passenger telling the Muslim teens to “get away from her.” However, his threat was found to be hollow as the unidentified passenger refrains from getting up from his seat to intervene. In fact, as the girl repeatedly sobs and pleads in the footage, not one bystander made any attempt to help, capturing the misogynistic and dangerous atmosphere for women in the 99-percent-Muslim country.

Moroccan authorities report that they cannot confirm that no one intervened after the footage cut off or that the bus driver deliberately ignored the woman. However, for nearly a minute, the victim can be heard screaming and her attackers carrying on loudly in Arabic, yet the driver doesn’t even make an attempt to slow down.

The Hindustan Times reports that on Monday, police arrested 6 Muslim teens for their “presumed implication in the woman’s assault,” placing them under investigation for their crimes. However, adding to the outrage, many Muslim commenters shocked viewers by not only defending the sexual predators but blaming the female victim for her own abuse.

“On the contrary, I think it is the girl who should be presented to justice considering how she provocatively carries herself and also raises the question of why she was with a group of boys in the back of a bus,” a Muslim man said on Facebook. “You dress like whores and take on the role of the victim. Frankly, this would be understandable if it was a respectable girl, no one would dare touch her, but since you are selling yourself cheaply, that’s what happens.”

Another man commented on Facebook, “I condemn the act but cover yourselves up, this one was easy to undress,” while others said that the girl “provoked the men with indecent clothing.”

Two-thirds of women in Morocco have been sexually assaulted. Of course, this shouldn’t be attributed to Morocco exclusively. In fact, the Quran specifically blames women who are sexually assaulted for provoking men by their immodesty.

Quran (33:59) – “O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): that is most convenient, that they should be known (as such) and not molested. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

This particular scripture tells men to order their women how to dress. However, even more outrageously, the next clause explains that they should cover themselves so that they won’t be sexually abused by men. The Quran explicitly places the burden on women to keep men from lusting after and abusing them as well as places the blame for such abuse on women if they don’t obey this command.

Thanks to the Quran’s ordination of men having complete authority over women and the brutality modeled by the prophet Muhammad, Muslims have perpetuated this inequality and misogyny for over 1,400 years. It has never changed and never will. Unfortunately, what allows this inhumanity to fester in over 50 Sharia nations is the world’s willingness to not only turn a blind eye to it but now, at the behest of the left, embrace it as an aspect of multiculturalism.

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