After Muslims Dismember Christian Alive, His Wife’s 3 Words Gave Us Chills

While pretending to be interested in learning about the Bible, a group of men was able to gain the trust of 3 missionaries before tying them up. Unfortunately, the believers in Christ would be dissected alive for hours before eventually being stabbed to death. Since then, a wife of one of the Christian martyrs has come forward to offer just 3 words – and they’re downright chilling.

Stock image for visual representation (left), Susanne Geske (right)

A German man by the name of Tilmann Geske had traveled to Turkey with two other men for the sole purpose of carrying out missionary work in the name of Jesus Christ. However, things took a horrific turn on April 18, 2007, when a few Muslims decided to put an end to the good work that the Christians were doing in the area.

Wanting to make sure the men could no longer spread the Word of God, the Muslims hatched a sinister plan to put an end to it all. Before long, they sprang into action.

Over a dozen Muslims… came to the three Christians pretending to want to learn about the Bible. Once the Bible study began, they tied up the men and spent the next three hours slowly dissecting them part-by-part while they were still alive before finally stabbing them and slicing their throats. Tilmann was stabbed 156 times, one of the other converts 99 times, and the other was stabbed so many times his body was unrecognizable. [Source: Walid Shoebat]

Since then, only 5 of the Muslims involved in the attack have been captured, tried, and sentenced to life in prison. When asked, the Islamists would later say that they carried out the horrendous act in the name of Allah and “the motherland.”

Muslims Dismember Christian Alive, His Wife’s 3 Words After Gave Us Chills
The Christian missionaries pictured left to right: Necati Aydin, Ugur Yuksel, and Tilmann Geske

As one would imagine, the pain is still very real for Tilmann’s wife, Susanne Geske, as she most recently made clear in an interview. However, she was able to offer the men responsible for her husband’s horrific murder just three incredible words that have given people chills all around the world. Recalling what took place during the days just after her husband’s death, she explained the events leading up to her message.

“In the end, we are sitting all there in my living room with people I have never seen before. I just had nothing in my mind. Then, someone came and said that the media is in front of the door and they want to talk to you. I was like, ‘No way. What on earth do I say to them?’ Then one of the pastors said, ‘You know, we always want the Gospel to go out,’” Geske explained. “That was like, a switch flipped inside to make me move. I was like, ‘Okay! But what do I say?’ I did a quick prayer and said, ‘You always promised that when we don’t know what to say, you would tell us what to say.’ It was really like, Jesus said, ‘Father forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing.’”

And that is exactly what she told Turkish television channel ATV: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” [Source: The Christian Post]

Although her remarks made international headlines with the media sharing her incredible act of forgiveness far and wide, Susanne states that what she said was an act of “obedience” more than anything else. “I was like, ‘[Jesus] said this to me, I will do it.’ I wasn’t even thinking about it,” she said. “I had no clue what I was doing. I really didn’t. I just thought it was a really good thing to do. I was just obedient.”

As Christians, it’s important that we share God’s Word wherever and whenever possible as it is what we are commanded to do. “And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature,’” Mark 16:15 reads.

Unfortunately, persecution has and always will be a part of being a Christian, and it resulted in Tilmann’s death. However, it is because of this reality that God’s Word was shared with millions of people all over the world. Tilmann is in a better place now, and all Christians should show at least a fraction of the bravery and dedication to Christ that both he and his wife have demonstrated.

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