Muslims Gang Rape 3-Year-Old Boy & Kill Him, But No One’s Been Charged

Society is told by roaring minorities that we must be tolerant, accepting, and even supportive of the behavior of special interest groups, and if we do not comply, we are intolerant, closed-minded bigots who hate the person regardless of their actions.

This bullying method has been so effective that the most perverse groups are using the same tactics to force their lifestyles upon their communities, causing the floodgates to burst open under the pressure of name-calling hedonists.

Now that the LGBT community has gained certain rights under the guise of being “born this way,” another group has come forward demanding the same treatment towards their unnatural desires for children, and the potential results will only contribute to our civilization’s downfall.

With the push towards redefining pedophilia as either a mental illness or sexual orientation, it becomes more acceptable to treat the perversity as something that should be condemned less and more widely understood as something that cannot be helped. As this sick mentality becomes less taboo and the aggressors less responsible for their behavior, we will see more atrocities committed with little repercussion or outcry — just as there has been against the LGBT community.

Under the strict Sharia government in Afghanistan, with a Muslim population of 100 percent, this inhumanity is often ignored until the people raise their voices in protest, which is exactly what Balkh civil society activists have done after a local homosexual group committed a heinous crime against a young child.

According to a local newspaper, a group of Muslim men recently kidnapped a 3-year-old boy named Yunus, violently sexually assaulted him, and then brutally murdered the little boy.

“Balkh civil society activists have raised their voice to ask Afghanistan’s judicial system to act seriously regarding the sexual abuse of the underage boy,” civil society activist Malika told TOLOnews.

Sayid Mohammad Sami, head of the northern branch of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC), has openly criticized the inaction of authorities and the government regarding justice for the child.

“Unfortunately, such occurrences are the result of the fact that rule of law is fading away in our society,” Sami said.

Although the perpetrators could have easily been sentenced for murder, there will most likely be no trial. They will not be charged with any homosexual acts regarding the rape of the young boy since Sharia law rarely recognizes minor children as victims of sexual assault.

“Such a situation means that any brutal human and those who are against the law in every hook and nook of the country commit illegal acts and then there is no one to arrest them and send them behind bars,” he added.

However, outraged locals aren’t willing to wait and see if the court hands down justice. Malalai Usmani, an Afghani activist, is calling the community to resort to mob justice in this particular case, Rawa News reports.

“We were against kangaroo courts in the past, but now I want to say that the local residents should arrest the perpetrators who raped the child and punish them before they reach the police and courts,” Usmani told TOLOnews.

Although homosexuality is punishable by death under Sharia law, homosexuals find it much easier to get away with molesting and raping young boys since pedophilia is not typically a condemnable crime. Because Muslim imams may condone marriages between grown men and prepubescent girls, pedophilia is not considered an offense or cause for sentencing.

If a grown man wants to marry a 9-year-old girl, it is permissible because the Islamic Prophet Muhammad had sex with his child bride, Aisha, at the same age. If a grown man has sex with a prepubescent boy, it cannot be considered adultery because the boy is not a man, and it is rarely rape since the victim must provide witnesses to prove they were raped.

Not only are pedophiles being emboldened by civil rights in Western society, but they are rarely condemned in Islamic society. Unless this sickening act is reprimanded by the people themselves, it will probably go unpunished by the courts.

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