Muslims FURIOUS As Sale & Production Of Head Coverings Is BANNED

In an unprecedented move, one country is taking a politically incorrect approach to rising crime, and it’s making Muslims furious. As followers of Islam demand special considerations for their religious garb in the United States, a Mulsim country is banning the sales and production of head coverings — a decision that would leave liberals outraged in America.

The Muslim government of Morocco has banned the sale and production of full-face burkas, also known as niqabs. The niqab is known for being popular among the Salafist sect of Islam, from which it is believed the majority of jihadists emerge. According to a high-ranking interior ministry official, the ban is effective immediately. Starting this week, it is illegal to wear this particular type of burka, which covers everything except for the eyes, in Morocco.

According to a Daily Mail report, the ban came about as a result of a spike in niqab-related crimes where felons have notoriously used it as a disguise to perpetrate illegal activity.

A Muslim woman is shown wearing a niqab, which obscures the entire face, except for the eyes.

Le360 News further reports that a Moroccan government official explained, “We have taken the step of completely banning the import, manufacture, and marketing of this garment in all the cities and towns of the kingdom.”

It makes sense that the government of Morocco has banned the niqab to prevent Muslim terrorists from carrying out more attacks in the country. The King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, reportedly prefers a less conservative version of Islam. How ironic that in Muslim countries, such as Morocco, words such as “conservative” completely change in definition.

On Monday, Morocco’s interior ministry officials started an awareness campaign in Casablanca to notify the public that they will no longer be able to make or sell the concealing headdress. In some parts of the country, merchants were given 48 hours to liquidate their entire stock.

The new ban hasn’t come about without an element of disapproval from the Muslim world, of course. A Salafist sheikh, Hassan Kettani, wrote on Facebook, “Is Morocco moving towards banning the niqab that Muslim women have worn for five centuries?” He added that such a move would be a “true disaster.”

Such a stark contrast exists between the rest of the world and this backward, dark age religion. The types of things Muslims consider to be a “disaster” are almost comical. It couldn’t possibly be female genital mutilation, beheadings, stonings, or suicide bombers … It’s definitely the niqab ban.

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