Muslims Terrified To Hear What Infidels Are Hiding In Michigan Coffee Shop

Muslims TERRIFIED To Hear What Infidels Are Hiding In Michigan Coffee Shop
Pictured: Muslims (stock images, left & right), the Common Grace Coffee Company (center) in Dearborn, Michigan

Dearborn, Michigan has become a haven for Muslims in the United States as the area has become overrun with all things Islam. However, it seems that a few members of the Muslim community recently learned what Christians are hiding in their local coffee shop – and now, they’re living in terror.

As refugees, migrants, and illegal immigrants have flooded this country over the past several years, it seems that disturbing trends began to surface. Among the most notable is what happened in Dearborn as the area has basically become a Sharia-loving community within our nation of freedom.

Of course, many locals are uncomfortable with the reality, especially after hearing some of the things that happen there, but not everyone is taking the invasion lying down. According to reports, a few clever Christians have opened a coffee shop in the area and called it “Common Grace Coffee Company.”

The owners are using their front for missionary purposes in order to educate Muslims about Christianity with the hopes of converting them. Of course, once Muslims learned that this was going on, they became furious about the “undercover dangers” hiding within.

Muslims TERRIFIED To Hear What Infidels Are Hiding In Michigan Coffee Shop
Common Grace Coffee Company’s founder Dale Tremblay-Dulong (left) and head of operations Jonathan Blosser (right)

When the story first broke in February, shop owner Dale Tremblay-Dulong was outed as a Christian – a reality that’s highly frowned upon within the heavily Islamic community. However, things quickly went from bad to worse when it became known that he was sharing God’s word with the Muslims who came inside. Many of the local Islamists were furious, prompting Dale to scrub a profile on the missionary website “Commission to Every Nation” from social media.

Just two weeks ago, he spoke with local news where any conversation about missionary work was foregone. Instead, he simply stated that his coffee-shop was meant for “people…that would not normally come together to sit at the same table, lay aside their differences…learn more about who we are as different people with unique cultures.”

As one would imagine, Muslims are none-too-pleased with the “undercover” missionary activity hiding within the local shop. During an impromptu interview, Sayed Hassan Qazwini said, “As those people have the freedom to preach their religion in our community, we also have the freedom to warn our children… of schemes.”

If a couple is Muslim, any children that they have are considered Muslim by the Islamic community from birth and to leave would be a punishable offense. Luckily, unlike what happens frequently in many Islamic nations, Muslims can not kill those who convert to Christianity and get away with it in the United States.

So, American Muslims are terrified that Christian infidels will show their children the horrors of the oppressive religion being crammed down their throats while they’re still young and impressionable. These Christians are doing the Lord’s work as God once said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

Despite the dangers of entering a heavily Muslim community, these men and women are trying to spread the truth. We’ve all seen how Christians are treated in Islamic countries in the Middle East, usually ending with someone’s head separated from their bodies.

That just goes to show how genuinely scared Muslims are of Christianity and the threat it poses on their ideology. Seeing how Muslims, even in the Middle East, are converting to Christianity at a rate never seen before, the followers of Islam are horrified as their religion crumbles before their eyes, all at the hands of the one true God.

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