Muslims See Reporter On-Air, Teach Islamic ‘Lesson’ For Being Too Attractive

All over Europe, women are suffering the consequences of the Muslim invasion disguised as a refugee crisis, and one reporter’s encounter was captured on video. A group of Muslim migrants thought she was too attractive, then showed her what happens as a result.

The sickening incident appears to have happened in Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel has allowed over a million migrants into the country, and the video shows just how poorly women are treated by the Muslim “refugees” once they arrive in Western nations.

The reporter was doing a live broadcast when she encountered the men, who apparently took issue with the way she was dressed. They proceeded to verbally assault her by calling her derogatory names and insulting her intelligence.

As you can see, these men really had zero respect for her or her right to dress as she pleases, and they had no problems letting her know exactly how they felt about how she looked.

To think, this kind of thing is becoming a regularity across Europe, and it’s all because Western leaders feel the need to force multiculturalism on us all even though we don’t want it.

[H/T: Gateway Pundit]

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