Muslim’s ‘Special’ Room At Catholic School Found, What They Did There’s Worse

Muslim's 'Special' Rm At Catholic School Found, What They Did There's Worse
Brother Rice High School

Parents in Michigan have been sending their children to a Catholic school in Bloomfield Hills for years, assuming that their child was learning in a good Catholic environment. Now, we know what some Muslim students were doing there behind closed doors of one “special” room, which administrators knew about and allowed to happen.

Muslims being allowed to attend a Catholic school, was the first mistake administrators made. Once they opened the doors to Islam, they ushered in issues that conflicted with the faith that Brother Rice High School was built on to begin with. Like Minnesota, Michigan is turning into a Muslim state and what happened at this High School is proof of that.

Some parents recently learned about something going on for years in a sacred room inside the school, that they took immediate issue with, and for good reason. Special accommodations had to made for Muslim student’s prayer rituals and school officials told Catholic students to step aside, turning what once was a sacred place for them to pray into a designated Islamic prayer space.

Muslim's 'Special' Rm At Catholic School Found, What They Did There's Worse
Muslims students praying in school

“When the question was [from Muslim students], ‘Is there a place that I can pray?’ The answer that evolved was, ‘Yes, we’ve got this sacred space available for you if you want it,'” John Birney, the school’s principal, proudly told WXYZ, as if to boast how students on his campus coexist.

The two faiths can’t coexist because Islam doesn’t allow for it. Essentially, the Muslims have won this one, by desecrating a Catholic prayer room with their daily praise for Allah. Some parents aren’t remotely okay with it, no matter how long it’s been going on there.

One mother told the news station that it is “unconscionable” to let Muslim students pray in a sacred room meant for actually worshiping of God. She added that the school deliberately “undermined” her child’s religious education happening a few doors down from where Islamic prayer rituals were happening throughout the day.

It’s a contradiction of religions and an abomination made to look like acceptance. It’s not a coincidence that Muslims allowed their children to attend a Catholic school when it would go against their beliefs, it’s an intentional takeover. The fact that only some parents complained and not all, is part of the problem. When Christians try to pray, bring a Bible, or do any other small act as part of their faith, it’s a national outrage that often ends in lawsuits and policy change.

If Catholics or Christians went to a predominately Muslim school, they wouldn’t be given a special room to pray if they asked for one. But everyone else is a bigot for denying any accommodation for followers of Islam.

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