Muslims Sue For ‘Civil Right’ To Wear Veil, Judges Slap Them With 5 Brilliant Words

Entitled Muslims Sue For 'Civil Right' To Wear Veil, Judges Slap Them With 5 Brilliant Words
After years of demanding their “right” to wear the burqa and niqab veils, Muslims were boldly introduced to 5 words the West needs to retort more often. (Photos for illustrative purposes: Media Law Northern Ireland, Unilad)

After being told to remove their veils for security purposes, a group of Muslim women took their hosts to court, demanding their “civil right” to wear the burqa. However, after putting millions of dollars into the legal case, clever judges informed the women of their decision with 5 utterly brilliant words.

As the West continues to import Muslims and appease their religious compulsions, non-Muslims witness their rights slowly eroding under the guise of tolerance. As a minority, Muslims perfectly adopt the role of victims, incessantly crying out for endless privilege portrayed as civil rights. Of course, once they become the majority, there are no minority rights. Fortunately, certain European countries are taking the necessary steps to thwart this judicial jihad.

For years, Muslims in Belgium have demanded the right to wear the Islamic veil in public without exception. Whether sporting the full-face burqa veil or the niqab, which maintains a horizontal slit for the eyes, Muslim women have often defied the country’s legislation prohibiting the veil, flocking to court every time they are required to obey the law. Unfortunately for these religious zealots, they just received their final answer straight from the highest court itself.

Dail Mail reports that after a years-long legislative battle, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled to uphold Belgium’s ban on wearing the religious veil in public. The court not only ruled that the Islamic veil is not a human nor civil right but informed the Muslim minority that outlawing it is “necessary in a democratic society.”

In a monumental ruling, the court declared that the restriction was not a violation of Muslim rights but actually guaranteed social unity, integration, and equality. The announcement is a major decision stemming from Belgium’s banning of the full-face veil in June 2011, which illegalized appearing in public “with a face masked or hidden, in whole or in part, in such a way as to be unidentifiable.”

The court found Belgium had the right to impose restrictions aiming to ensure the principles of “living together” and the “protection of the rights and freedoms of others.” Its ruling said the government had been responding “to a practice that it considered to be incompatible, in Belgian society, with social communication and more generally the establishment of human relations, which were indispensable for life in society…essential to ensure the functioning of a democratic society.”

The case was raised by Muslim women Samia Belcacemi, who holds Belgian citizenship, and Yamin Oussar, a Moroccan national. They cleverly argued that the law infringes upon their basic religious and individual human rights, despite the fact that Sharia legislation concerning the veil varies from country to country. Like clockwork, the Muslim women used leftist propaganda terms like “rights” and “discrimination” in an effort to pressure the court without providing a valid argument. Luckily, the court saw right through this common liberal tactic.

The same international court had ruled against objections to a French law in 2014 after Muslims claimed banning the veil restricts their inalienable rights, according to the Independent.

After the court chose to uphold the ban, Belcacemi did what most Muslim supremacists do when expected to follow the law of the land, defying the authorities and wearing the veil in public. She was shocked when she was told she would be ticketed and fined each time she broke the law, forcing her to finally remove the veil and follow the laws like everyone else. Oussar unabashedly informed the court that she will never remove the veil, opting instead to remain at home and out of the public eye indefinitely.

The Muslim minority has expertise in playing secular and using our own laws against us in an effort to destroy them. These social jihadists use one of Islam’s most prominent symbols of misogyny and female oppression to hypocritically demand their “right” to wear it. While their sisters living under Sharia law often have no choice, these women whine about Western oppression in the freest nations on earth.

Ever since Muhammad declared in the Quran that men are to order women to cover themselves because of the gender superiority of men, Muslim and non-Muslim women alike have fought for their right to remove the veil or hijab. Shamefully, we now have Muslim women enjoying our exceptional freedoms only to demand that we allow them to live in oppression once again.

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