Muslims Tried To Go Big In This U.S. Town, MAD Patriots Shut Them Down

Unidentified pissed off patriot (left), Samer Shalaby (right side) standing in front of crowd

It’s safe to say that the citizens of Spotsylvania, Virginia reflect what many patriots around the country are feeling about now, after the latest terrorist attack. Rather than simply bracing themselves to become the next victims, these residents are taking matters into their own hands to root Islam out of their city and effectively left every burka in the room in a twisted wad.

Muslims thought they could impose their plans to expand their influence in the country-proud southern town, but they found out real quick that wasn’t going to happen on some people’s watches. Irate residents surprised everyone in attendance at a town meeting on November 17, where supporters were gathered to discuss plans for a massive 8,000-square-foot mosque to be built in the area.

Timing is everything, and to hold a public meeting just days after a terrorist attack to discuss an enormous Islamic center to be built wasn’t well thought out. Local patriots, who opposed the plan, were quick to prove that point when they showed up and shouted down Samer Shalaby, who is part of the Islamic Center of Fredericksburg and was leading the meeting that evening.

WUSA9 reported that one man yelled in frustration to the group supporting the mosque,”Every one of you are terrorists!” and, “I don’t care what you say, what you think!” Others who sided with this man’s sentiments began applauding his remarks, while the tension in the room grew to a palpable level among Muslims, who couldn’t fathom this man’s “insults.”

The unidentified anti-Islam leader of the night turned his attention to Shalaby, who was spearheading the event. “Shalaby, you can say whatever you want, every Muslim is a terrorist, period!” he shouted. “Shut your mouth, I don’t want to hear your mouth!” Then on that note, he vowed to do absolutely everything in his power to stop the mosque from being built.

Others in the room agreed that this “religious center” would inevitably become a safe house for Syrian refugees, which they don’t want, and it ultimately becomes a breeding ground for radicalization. As the two sides continued to argue their points, a sheriff’s deputy stepped in and ended the meeting all together to stop it from going further, but not without Shalaby throwing in his final two cents.

“You keep hoping that, as we evolve in this country, that we will not completely put a blanket designation on any group … especially for religion,” Shalaby said, according to The Free Lance-Star.

It’s time for every American to stand up for their convictions and this country and not assume others will do it so you don’t have to or that terrorism won’t strike us in the homeland again. It’s not a matter of if, but when, and we don’t need to play host to their plans to plot against us from within our neighborhoods, all so we can say we’re simply trying to accommodate diversity.

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